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Best commodities available for fewer prices

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India Trading Company is one of the companies which is successfully importing and exporting various commodities from India which are available for higher prices in Europe. It is one of the emerging companies located in the center of London from past 5 years. They supply their commodities to all the leading super markets in United Kingdom and believe in quality to maintain long term relationships with the clients, which in turn let the company to grow and lead the industry.

India Trading Company for now they are more concentrating on four products namely Granite & marble, Sugar, Cotton, Poultry in which United Kingdom is facing shortage of them. As they believe in quality they work from ground to keep their promise to clients. They have two special teams to look after the quality by going through various phases of testing the product before loading to containers in India and after receiving the product in UK. They even more take care of packing the approved products in such a way that they remain with the same quality.

Commodities from India Trading Company are:-

Granite & Marble: These days after recent surveys in UK they have reported that many home owners who want to remodel their kitchen for better look with granite or marble. Granite Importer from India Trading Company reaches many exporters in India and work from ground to take the best quality to their clients. Granite and Marble both are used in Kitchens according to the style, color and look to be matched for the whole kitchen. Granite is little bit cheaper than Marble and much durable than it. Granite is mostly used compared to marble. We import granites and marbles by mainly looking into few points:
• Scratch resistant and heat resistant
• Color of the stone
• Thickness of the stone
• Crack less stones

We provide our clients with different colors and thickness which get better suited to their kitchen in the affordable prices.

Sugar Importers: Sugar is one such product which we use it daily in various forms. Some they use it in liquid form, granulated crystals form and others they make use it in powder form according to their requirements. Sugar which actually comes from the agricultural product so called as sugar cane and it is then refined to many bi products. Sugar Trading Importers from India Trading Company directly reach the farmer who cultivates sugar cane and have an agreement with the best qualified sugar. The quality control team from then take care of the product till it get refined into various required forms and then packed to Europe.

Cotton Importers: Cotton which is used in our daily life for some it is a need and for some it is more used for fashion. Cotton which come from cotton plant these days lacking quality as the farmers want to yield more cotton using some artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Cotton Importers from India Trading Company are more looking at organic cotton and the quality of it. Considering UK as one of the biggest industry of fashion and clothing we provide them different kinds of cotton which can be molded into different dresses ranging from normal wear to wedding gown. They can give you the best price which cannot be expected from other importers as we directly get agreed from farmers with best quality.

Chicken Poultry: Chicken is the one which is highly consumed by the people of UK as it is considered as healthy poultry and which can even treat some health problems from the ingredients present in chicken. Ingredients such as niacin which keep brain healthy by preventing Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer to cause if taken as little as four ounces every day. Selenium which can prevent thyroid problems and vitamin B6 is the one used to keep your heart healthy. Chicken is the food which is delicious and helps people to lose their weight as it contains very low calories of fat and contain more proteins. Eating healthy chicken from selected Chicken Poultry Importers is indeed very good for health.

Do not wait for time if you are looking at reliable company who can trade the above commodities. Contact us for best price with promising quality.

Author Bio :
Sandy ghina is one of the professional Commodity importer currently working for India Trading Company of UK, which does import granite & marble, chicken poultry, cotton, sugar from India. If you are interested to have a deal with us please visit

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