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Commercial Non-Life Insurance Brokers in ArgentinaCommercial

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Commercial Non-Life Insurance Brokers in Argentina and the BrokerBASE™ that accompanies it investigate the importance of brokers in the distribution of non-life insurance for businesses in Argentina. This report first provides unique data for the size, segmentation and growth of the Argentine commercial non-life insurance market itself. It then quantifies the share of this market that is intermediated by brokers and, based on extensive primary research of around 100 broking entities in total, it ranks the leading 30 brokers in Argentina according to their revenues from commercial non-life insurance, excluding income from other activities such as personal lines and employee benefits.

This report provides unique data in the following areas:

- the value of commercial non-life insurance markets for 2008 to 2012;

- the share of this market distributed by brokers in 2008 and 2012;

- the revenues generated by commercial non-life insurance business for brokers in 2008 and 2012;

- the concentration of the market for commercial non-life insurance broking;

- forecasts for 2016 for the value of commercial non-life insurance premiums, brokers' share of this market and their revenues from commercial non-life insurance business.

Moreover, the report and the BrokerBASE™ that accompanies it can be used in one or more of the following ways:

- to quantify the size and dynamism of the broker market for commercial non-life insurance in Argentina;

- to utilise a single comprehensive source of information that uses a uniform methodology to size the underlying commercial non-life insurance market and to quantify brokers’ share of distribution;

-to assess a range of potential business opportunities: from selecting targets for acquisition to niche product development and ideas for distribution partnerships;

- to understand the competitive landscape in Argentina through its market concentration, the importance of international brokers, and brokers' distribution strategies;

- to identify the leading brokers in Argentina, with coverage of competitors such as Aon, Consulgroup, Héctor Martínez Sosa, Marsh and Willis.

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What is this report about?
The focus is uniquely on commercial non-life insurance, excluding other types of business...
...and on brokerage, even where intermediaries can act as both agents and brokers.
Research program
Market data analysis

Regulatory information
Insurance brokers must register with the Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación
Primary insurance brokers are not required to take out professional indemnity insurance
Major changes in the regulation of both primary insurance and reinsurance markets may affect brokers
Commercial non-life insurance market
All commercial lines registered strong growth in real terms between 2008 and 2012...
...with liability insurance, including workplace accident cover, outperforming other segments
Commercial non-life insurance brokers
Overview of brokers’ presence in the distribution of commercial non-life insurance
Brokers are a major sales channel for commercial non-life insurance in Argentina...
... and their distribution share is likely to have increased slightly in recent years
Competitor trends and specialisms
Beyond the top two players, the market for commercial non-life insurance broking is very fragmented
Marsh and Aon are comfortably the dominant brokers of commercial lines in Argentina
Consulgroup, the largest indigenous broker, has undertaken significant geographic expansion
Since first acquiring a stake in 1999, Willis has progressively taken control of its Argentine unit
Makler has a particularly strong presence in the market for medium-sized businesses
Middle Sea has grown rapidly in the wake of its strategic alliance with Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Coproa’s main area of business is property insurance followed by workplace accident insurance
Commercial non-life insurance accounts for about two thirds of the top brokers’ business on average
Brokers’ distribution strategies
The leading 30 brokers in Argentina all operate at a national level...
...although three specialise in particular client sectors
Makler is a member of five different international broker networks
Future outlook
The commercial non-life insurance broking market will experience further revenue growth up to 2016...
... and the distribution share of brokers in commercial line is likely to remain unchanged

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