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Americans Vs The British

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America has a reputation for being the best dentists in the world. Many have crossed the Atlantic to seek what they believed to be the best dental treatment in the world. The reasons for the United States gaining this reputation is due to the vast number of citizens seeking cosmetic dental treatment. The stereotypical American will have a mouth full of bright, white veneers that shine like glass and reflect the epitome of healthy. This idea is vastly changing and many are now flocking to England’s capital to undergo dental work. You’ll find now that the best dentists are located in London.

The Americans have mocked the British for their bad teeth for decades, but thanks to the expertise in dentistry, the London dentist is now classified as world class. It is unfair the Americans have stereotyped the British for having bad teeth, when come middle age, all teeth suffer from wear and tear, regardless of nationality. But the qualified and experienced dentists London now has, ensures this no longer happens. The difference between British and American teeth is the fakeness that the latter like to follow the crowd (the Hollywood celebrities) and go after a perfect set of fake teeth. Americans believe the perfect smile is the Hollywood smile which is nothing but artificial, and costs thousands of dollars. The British, on the other hand, prefer the natural look and only consider cosmetic work if it their teeth are in jeopardy or suffer from self esteem issues. Many have opted for braces, tooth whitening, veneers, face dentistry and much more. The dentists London has to offer believe a healthy smile is a perfect smile, and the British are rather free-spirited and have a more radical approach to their teeth.

Americans are known for visiting the dentist once a month but the British only go once or twice a year. Whilst it seems the Americans obsess over keeping their teeth healthy and clean, a visit to the surgery once a month seems rather excessive. Teeth whitening is usually a birthday present for a Brit, or undergoing reconstruction work such as veneers is usually to achieve better health and appearance, depending on the problem. But for Americans, teeth whitening is necessary every 2-3 months. This has a damaging impact on the teeth’s enamel and many dentists would not recommend this heavy, regular treatment. So it seems for now, the British dentists based in the busy metropolis are relied on more than ever, all thanks to their dedicated service and quality advice they passionately give their clients.

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