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EDM concerts - Spreading the love for music in India

by PreetiJagwani

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The dance floor is ready for all EDM lovers all across the country. EDM concerts of world-renowned artists like DJ Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren will happen in Mumbai and the love for dance music in Mumbai as well as the country is growing as we speak. The experience of electronic music lovers at the concerts has rendered them speechless and they consider dance music as a simple symbol of love. They dance as if no one is watching them when they have the Gods of EDM playing music in front of them and for them, they literally go mad. Now-a-days people are earning more than what their forefathers would earn and hence shelling a decent amount for a good time to dance their feet of is not a problem for today's youth. Social media has bought the DJs closer to their fans and mediums like blog comments and tweets are given an instant response. EDM concerts are the wings of Mumbai's night life today.

The live broadcast of the EDM concerts on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have encouraged people to turn their home into a dance floor. The interaction that fans have with their favorite DJs through Google hangout, Twitter and Facebook is keeping fans extremely happy. Electronic dance music concerts have sets played by DJs with new releases of their work and some of their past tracks. There are competitions for the best DJ and they are fairly regular all across the world. The lighting at EDM concerts are a treat to the eyes and the fire and smoke bursts lifts the spirits of the dancers up as the beats rises and drops. People are talking all about dance music and spreading its love across the country. The tickets are easily available now online. If you feel like turning up the volume to the max and its is still not enough, EDM concerts are your answer. The best music, a dance floor and people who share the same love for music as you do. The venue that holds these concerts has people camping hours before the concert for the best view and the atmosphere inside is all energetic and excited as the concert is about to start. Once the opening act completes its set and the concert kicks off there is humming and dancing on the floor. People jumping, raising hands and moving with the music as the DJ plays along.

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, has many people dancing till the wee hours of the morning. EDM concerts are stress busters for a lot of people who have extremely busy lives.

The country is going to see some phenomenal acts in the month of March. First, Armin Van Buuren is playing on 16th March in Mumbai. Then we have DJ Tiesto who is performing in three cities – Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi on 29th, 30th and 31st March respectively. March is by far the best month for dance music lovers considering they will get to witness two of the greatest artists the world of EDM has produced. Tiesto Mumbai is one of the biggest rock concert happening in Mumbai. Book your Tiesto Mumbai Tickets before they finish