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Experiencing Errors because of Corrupt Indexes

by larendaniel

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MS-Access provides you a feature in which you can create indexes in a table. The advantage of creating indexes is you become quite able to search and sort out the different records very fastly.
Index have a location of records based on the fields that you select to index. After locating the location from the index, MS-Access directly retrieves the data from the current location. That is why, indexing is very faster than scanning to find out the data of all the records. But many times, index definitions get corrupt. To get over such situations, if you have backup, then it is quite good. Otherwise, go for a third party Access database repair products. These products repair Access database with much ease.

Let's consider a practical example. Suppose, you make an attempt to import data from one table of MS-Access database. But feel sorry to say that, your attempt remains unsuccessful. In addition to this, an error message is received:

'Operation failed - too many indexes - reduce the number and try again.'

After facing above error message, you cannot able to do import process.

In the following situations above error takes place:

Table in the Access database is damaged or destroyed in which you are trying to import data.
Index definitions of destination table's are damaged or destroyed. For your information, in MS-Access the table definition and data is first imported, and then Index. If the indexes definitions are corrupt. Above error message will definitely occur.

For solving the error message 'Operation failed - too many indexes - reduce the number and try again'
you have to follow the below steps:

  • Make a copy of the destination table, be sure that copy of the table do not contain any data.
  • Delete all indexes.
  • Execute an append query and transfer the data from a problematic table to a new table.
  • Recreate the indexes.(Not with the help of copying and pasting.)
  • At last, transfer the table to a new file.

If by doing above steps, you are still facing above error message, then there is no need to waste time. Just switch to a third party Access database repair products. These products repair access in such a manner, that while using MS-Access database application, you face no hassles. These tools are easy and safe to use.

Stellar Access Repair is a comprehensive application that is fully capable to do Access repair and stores it in a user-defined location. It recovers forms, tables, reports, macros, queries, and modules etc. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2000, XP, and 2003. You can download a demo version of the software.

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