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Missing Partitions from Windows 7 based hard drive

by anonymous

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USB flash drives have replaced all the old storage mechanisms, like floppy disks and CD drives. These preferred storage mediums can also be made bootable devices, primarily used to boot any operating systems. To create a USB flash drive as bootable, the user needs to connect the USB drive to computer system, and download and use a third-party software. However, there are some possibilities that while the user is creating a bootable disk, the system may go down completely and display a blue screen. This blue screen would then appears every time you attempt to boot your system, resulting in inaccessibility of all the data saved in the hard drive. To access data in such cases, one has to restore it from an updated backup. But, if no backup is available or backup file is damaged, then the user needs to search for an advanced Data Recovery Software.

To illustrate the above case, consider a scenario where you create a bootable USB by using third-party application. While doing so, following sequence of actions occur:

  • Blue screen Occurs.

  • Some program runs.

  • System goes down automatically.

After the above actions occur, the data saved in one of the four partitions in your hard drive, only gets displayed. For example, if you have four partitions in your Windows 7 based hard drive, it will only show one hard drive partition.


The above sequence primarily results because of partition table corruption due to application malfunction.


To resolve the above problem, the only way is to format your hard drive and repartition it. While the solution clearly removes the above issue, it also deletes all the data saved in the hard drive. To

recover the data in such instances, an easy way is to use an advanced data recovery software. A third-party Data Recovery tool employs effective recovery techniques to recover lost or formatted data. Such recovery tools can be used by any computer user as they are easy to understand and install. The tool performs recovery without making any change in the original data.

Windows Data Recovery Tools the chart of powerful Data Recovery applications. The software recovers formatted data from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT , NTFS and NTFS5 based hard drive partitions. The read only software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 operating systems.

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