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1950s-Inspired Ideas from Chicago Pin Up Photography Experts

by barriebaird

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Posing for a pin-up photo shoot does not imply stripping down to your underclothing and (ironically) coyly blowing kisses at the camera. You do not need to be that exposed if it makes you feel awkward. You can still remain significantly clothed and yet created engagingly hot pictures. Take your sign from the 1950s!

Chicago pin up photography experts say women don't have to expose too much skin when posing for pin-up pictures. A subtle hint of sexuality (a pair of actually short shorts, possibly?) suffices to produce a wonderful pin-up image. Well, that and intense red lipstick, a sensational coiffure and impossibly high heels, obviously. If you want to up the ante, however, think about the following concepts influenced by 1950s pin-up photos:

Vehicles and bikes.
Autos and bikes have always been utilized in pin-up photography since the 1950s, and are still popular backgrounds nowadays. Actually, they're the inspiration for many of the automobile magazine covers that you see these days. If you or your photographer have access to a classic car or bike, you have an ideal setup for a pin-up picture shoot. Sit on the hood or the rear of the automobile-- or cocktail lounge in the interior-- and begin posing!


Many image shoots are done in the absence of a photography studio, i.e., on place. Making use of a classic building as your background helps you achieve an real 1950s ambience to your stylish picture. The good news is, there are a lot of these in Chicago, such as the Chicago Theater, the Fisher Building and Mundelein Center, among others. Various other ideas consist of the beach, a soda fountain, a diner, a fire station, or a hospital room-- locations that have been utilized extensively in 1950s pin-up photography.


One truly great way to include pep to your pin-up pictures and lend it a 1950s feel is to use interesting posts like soft drink tin cans, red classic telephones, and soldier's hats. If you're shooting at the beach, bring along a vibrant beach ball, a picnic basket, a beach mat, and a parasol. Be artistic, and utilize anything you can when striking those adorable and hot poses!

The 1950s are back! Relive this fun period and dabble in some fun pin-up photography. Specialists in pin-up and boudoir photography in Chicago will help draw out the sexy fox girl in you. For more fun 1950s-inspired pin-up photography ideas, visit


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