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Key Considerations for a Mobile-First Website Design

by anonymous

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The exponential growth in the use of smartphones and tablets across the world has given rise to the development of mobile-friendly websites. The design industry has geared itself up with new tools and techniques to create websites for mobile devices with the end user experience in mind. However, before actually getting started with your own mobile web design, it is important to take into consideration some key points that may help you in defining the right approach to web design in mobile.

Some of these points are discussed below –

1.      Do you really need it?

While there are a number of mobile users across the globe, it is not always necessary that your target audience may be out there using their mobile devices to access your online business. By accessing your website analytics, you can get the insights on the traffic coming from mobile devices. Once you know that, you get a better idea as to why these users are accessing your website through mobile devices, and how you can optimise this opportunity.

2.      Define your goals

The insights you get from your website analytics can help you define the goals and objectives that are to be achieved through a mobile website. You also need to understand whether you need to redesign your existing desktop website or create a new one especially tailored for the mobile users.

3.      Start with the users

Whenever planning to go mobile-first with your website design approach, it is important to identify your users and know them better. Group your target audience into a prioritised set and identify their needs. Then create a solution that would fulfil all their needs in a comprehensive manner. This is why you need to create a user-focused design.

4.      Prioritise

A mobile website cannot be the same as the website that is viewed by desktop users. There are a number of features and functionalities that have to be given up for the sake of enhancing the experience of users browsing your website through a small screen device. While you are designing a mobile website, it is important to give your users the option to access the desktop website because there would be many things that you may not have included in your mobile website but the users would want to see that as well.

5.      Simplify

Again, the smaller screen resolution and limited display area are design constraints when it comes to mobile website design. This is why it is important to cut down the clutter and present only the most important, specific and relevant information to the users. Moreover, to make it simpler it is better to break the website into different pages so that the user is not forced to scroll down for long. The images, graphics, fonts, and other files used on web pages have to optimised in a way that the load speed of the site isn’t compromised with.

By taking into account the above discussed points, you make it easier for your users to access your business through multiple platforms and devices, and are not left feeling confused or frustrated.

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