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Pointers for picking a splendid flapper dress costume

by anonymous

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A typical dance performance doesn't last long - maybe 5 to 10 minutes - but it takes hours of dedicated practice for those involved to put the dance together. Dancers must first of all be fit and supple enough to execute the dance moves. The dancers must harmonize every move in coherent rhythm and in tandem with the song they are dancing to. Dancers playing special characters must polish their roles to precision. All the hard work is important to the dancers' overall success but it can all amount to little if the dancers don't get their dance costumes right. Dance costumes are critical to a dance's success because costumes effectively amplify the dance performance for the audience.


Aflapper dress costume is popular with dancers because it's very versatile. In addition, it can be modified and embellished to make it more consistent with a particular dance. Dancers should take their time when searching for the right flapper dress costumes and especially if they are taking part in a competition. They must consider the flapper dresses' colors vis-à-vis the theme and mood of their dance essentially because color affects the mood of the audience. For instance, blue portrays serenity, black portrays gloom, and red and yellow bring out warmth and liveliness. Dancers should settle on colors that aptly match the mood of the songs they'll be dancing to.


Every dancer has a unique body. In this, dancers should choose flapper dresses that flatter their figures by accentuating their most appealing parts and hiding any flaws. This is very important for the dancers' self-confidence while on stage seeing as one is likely to perform better if she is comfortable in her flapper dress costume. It doesn't take much effort to make a dress flatter your body type. For instance, if you are slender with subtle curves, you can wear a figure-hugging dress that will highlight those curves. A figure-hugging dress is however a no-no for a plump dancer as it will emphasize the loose areas on her midsection thus making her very self-conscious when on stage. Basically, dancers should wear flapper dresses that enhance their physical beauty.


As much as a flatteringflapper dress costume is appropriate, dancers should remember that the ideal costume should also be comfortable. A dress shouldn't be too tight, too loose, very long or too short to the extent that it hinders a dancer's freedom. It is also important to think about the dance when picking the material from which the flapper dresseswill be made because some materials are not appropriate for this type of costumes. A flapper dress costume is supposed to flow and swirl gracefully with a dancer's movement and so it should be made of light fabrics like silk but not something as stiff as say denim or khaki.


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