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Animation as a Career

by eashanwali

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Animation as a Career

Animation is one of the latest and most breakthrough technologies of the computer applications, it is not only useful in the technological world but animations have also slowly taken over the entertainment and the other daily aspects of life.

Animations are commonly associated with the making of cartoon and 3 d characters. However the deeper understanding of the animations is that is a display of different images in a series which are in the artwork of 2-D models and their positions are arranged in such a way that it creates an illusion of the movement which is in fact fake. The theory behind it is that it that it follows a phenomenon of the vision persistence which causes the optical illusion of the images, resulting in an animation.


Animation is slowly growing into a multi-billion dollar industry generating a great scope of employment for those interested. One can work as a:

Layout artist
Clean up artist
Scanner Operator
Digital ink and paint artist
Key frame animator
Background artist
Each of these is extremely crucial in the creation of any animation.

Indian animation market, fairly static until a few years ago, is suddenly waking up to a host of global opportunities that promise a lot of action for the country’s leading design specialists. Recognizing the increasing potential a number of Indian software players have turned their attention to animation. Animation studios now dot the country and the industry is also witnessing the arrival of training houses that are dedicated to building manpower for this market. Indian cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad ,etc. house some of the country’s leading animation houses. Companies such as Crest Communications, films Division, Maya entertainment, UTV Toons, Prasad Studios, color chips etc are just a few ventures that have dedicated themselves to the world of animation and special effects.

Animation is a completely creative field, so one needs to have creativity while handling it. It is not a mechanical subject so one needs a lot of passion and imagination skills along with a flair for sketching /drawing. It needs long hours of continuous work with a whole lot of dedication; hence patience is a definite requirement too. One needs to be good at visualizations and choice of colors. This is one of the most exciting professions and requires complete dedication on the part of animator.


There are a number of courses, both degree and diploma courses, available in animation and multimedia. These focus on teaching a person various styles and techniques of animation, which may include the following:

Traditional animation
Stop-motion animation
Computer generated 2D and 3D animation
Clay motion
Human anatomy

Following are the courses that can equip one for a career in animation industry:

The Foundation Courses – They offer an introduction to the world of multimedia, covering concepts, tools and techniques
Digital Printing and Publishing – A module focused on designing products for the publishing segment
Digital Web Authoring – A complete course on website creation
Digital Film Animation – A program for creating professional animators
Digital Interactive Multimedia – A course to acquaint students with the new media
Diploma in Digital Visual Communication – Exposes to platforms such as print, the Web and interactive multimedia
Advanced Diploma in Digital Visual Communication and Animation – Prepares for careers in animation, multimedia, special effects, games, CBT (computer-based tutorials) and WBT (Web-based tutorials)

Bluebeans School of Creative Education is a Top Animation School in Noida , offering a wide array of courses in 2D / 3D Animation , Web Design , Graphic Design and VFX .


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