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WA Roof Repair Term of the Day: The Truss

by nelsonmcglaughlin

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The durability of the roof rests on the " framework" that manages to keep every indispensable part of the roofing steady: the truss. A typical truss is composed of a long wooden beam along the top of the roofing (ridge) and a set of shorter wooden beams making up the slope (rafters). The roofing system that is feasible for your house depends on how the truss will function in holding the roofing materials.

This is necessary knowledge for roofers, provided how crucial the truss is as the skeleton of the roofing system. Without finding indications of sagging or cracks, poor framing may cause the entire roof to collapse under sheer stress and cause a much bigger fix. Examination of trusses for WA roof repair typically means getting inside the attic. Here is an extensive look at a standard rafter and how it holds the rest of the roof.

Opposing rafters
A pair of rafters in a roofing system structure is facing each other, forming something like a intersection with the ridge in the center. Experts say this setup helps the trusses make use of one of the factors wood is good at: compressive stability. The two rafters achieve equilibrium since the strain of the roof is evenly distributed among them.

In vintage homes, the trusses don't have a primary ridge; as a result, the two rafters coincide at the apex of the roofing. This isn't regarded a structural glitch since roofing in the old days were developed in this manner and the rafters are placed as opposites. In fact, the ridge serves two primary roles, one of which is to make connecting rafters much easier.

Offset rafters.
There are cases when expert roofers may see some rafters are deflected off position a bit from their partner; but experts say this doesn't necessarily indicate a building glitch. Offset rafters, as they're referred to, are made to permit roofing components such as vents to stand unhampered, they are created to allow roofing components such as vents to stand unblocked. Remember that only a close-up on the rafters will identify whether or not building breakdown is brewing. Yet, rafters that don't oppose generally suggest poor framing.

If you want to access the technical details of rafters, ridges, and the other parts of the roofing system framework , you can browse through the site at It does take some expertise to understand how roofs work.

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