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Amenities in New Properties in Mumbai

by kulpune

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The lifestyle of people in the city of Mumbai is constantly evolving. With less time to spare for their near and dear ones, people want to make the most of their time spent at home. This is where amenities in new properties in Mumbai play an important role.

In response to these changing lifestyle needs, several real estate developers have made changes in their property plans. They now offer conveniences and specifications that are in sync with the requirements of a modern lifestyle. Here are some of the latest trends in residential apartments in Mumbai from the amenities perspective:

Innovative parking

Most families now have two or more cars. Hence, there has been an increased need for parking space in not just commercial spaces, but residential projects too. To meet this growing demand, property developers have had to come up with innovative solutions. Stackable parking is one such answer to growing parking space demand in new properties in Mumbai.

In this type of parking, vehicles can be parked one above the other in a stack using a hydraulic lift. Typically, you would see a stack of two vehicles. This allows developers to park twice the number of vehicles in the same space. In some advanced residential parking lots, you could see three, four, or even five vehicles stacked above each other.

Health and fitness facilities

Our lifestyles have given rise to several occupational health problems, and lifestyle-related problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. With Mumbaikars anyway struggling for time, it is not always possible to make more time to visit a gym for exercise.

This need has been addressed with in-house health facilities in various residential projects. So, today you would find that there are many residential apartments that have a fully-equipped health facility. The entire family can work out together and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By doing this, families can spend quality time together and they can also keep themselves in top shape.

Security systems

This has been an indispensable amenity in just about every commercial or residential space. The security systems involve the use of reliable communication methods such as an intercom facility and a 24/7 security desk at the entrance.

There are some societies where CCTVs might be installed at the main gate and in other common areas. All these factors contribute towards making residential apartments in Mumbai safe for their residents. With the increasing crime rate, security measures have become very important.

Community centers

It is important for the residents of any society to intermingle and have an active social life. To encourage such interactions, several developers usually provide amenities such as senior citizens corners, special play areas where the kids and their mothers can interact, club houses where several different residents can come together during special occasions.

In addition to this, there are other amenities such as rain water harvesting, meditation and yoga centers, fire fighting systems and fire alarms. While old properties might not have these facilities, most new properties in Mumbai have these integrated amenities.

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