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Why art workshops in schools are important?

by anonymous

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Education in the modern era has witnessed a new paradigm shift when compared to the schools of the olden era. Many schools in all the countries have eliminated the music ,dance and art programs in order to increase the level of the test scores and even to trim the financial budgets.


The art workshops for schools are neglected due to more time involved in the academic studies due to the hectic competition in the general education system. Though this tactics seem to be incorrect as observed by few researchers, many schools are yet to understand the basic concept behind these programs.


Reasons why students must take art classes in schools


One may even question the relevancy of the art workshops in schools in this digital age. For such individuals we need to clarify few things by explaining the importance of the art classes at the school level. The main advantages are listed below:


1)    The art workshops in schools enhance the creativity of the students to a great extent. Art programs like music classes, dance programs and drawing classes etc will certainly push the students to think out of the box and induce their mind in a creative way. These art forms are enough to generate something artistic in the young minds. This virtue can even be translated to their life in the later periods.

2)     The art programs at schools help the students to make their right options in a shorter time. In fact this special skill improves the art of decision making in their career in the future years.

3)    All artistic skills make the students to think differently and also improve the observational skills. These skills are considered to be very vital in career as well as personal life. These special skills cannot be taught during the normal academic class rooms.

4)    More than anything else, all the art programs that are taught in schools make the pupils to discover the method of imagination which will surely make them to be good reader as well as problem solvers in the future times.

5)    Team spirit is well established by the art workshops in schools, which is very much needed to be successful in life.


Promotion of Indian culture


The Indian population is increasing in all the countries especially in America due to the emergence of IT sector. This eventually leads to more Indian children in American schools. Hence the Indian classical dance workshops are growing in many of the American schools as a part of the extra curricular activities. As the Indian classical dance forms are more in number like Bharathanatyam, Kathakali, Odissi, Kuchipudi etc, pupils can have more option to learn the art in order to keep fit in their health.


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