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How to detect if you have hearing problems

by maemullen

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The existing statistics indicate that there are more than twenty thousand children born with hearing disabilities annually. The grim statistics do not end here but rather they indicate that there are others double this figure annually that succumb to hearing problems even before they reach the age of five. Indeed these are sad figures and there is need for intervention measures to correct the situation. Just like adults who are hearing impaired has emotional and psychological problems, so do children born with the same problems. Although they may not understand what they are going through, they are prone to emotional maladjustments and may need prompt intervention to ensure the condition does not persist.


Hearing aids have become quite important and are the reasons why most people with almost hopeless hearing problems can hear again. For the children who are hearing impaired, more care should be taken to them in the knowledge that they are very delicate and any mishandling might lead to the destruction of their ears.  There are tens of risks that can lead to children developing a hearing problem. Children are very curios and this curiosity sometimes exposes them to dangers. They like climbing on seats, fridges, tables and chairs. They also like putting things in their mouth and their ears and this might lead to damages and injuries. It is always essential that they have adult supervision to rid them of these dangers. For those who are already hearing impaired, it is crucial that you seek medical attention immediately.  Some of the hearing problems progress gradually and may take long to detect. It is hence advisable, according to Hidden Hearing website, to seek medical tests once in a while for your children.


It is sometimes hard to detect hearing problems where children are involved but it is also possible to do it if you are vigilant enough. Children, just like adults, are prone to physiological changes and may also become stressed. If you notice that your child has changed all over sudden and is inattentive, you should always seek to know what the problem is. If your child does not respond immediately you call them or when there is something happening around, you should seek medical attention. A visit to will give you ample information of how to detect these problems. Hearing impaired people will tell you that it all started as a joke and most of them delayed taking the necessary action. Do not gamble with your child when it comes to hearing problems; always be vigilant.


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