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How Can Blizzard Track Gold Buyers ?

by pasiakent

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We know that buying wow gold is against blizzard rules. Once we bought gold from illegal wow gold selling stores, we might be probably tracked by blizzard and come into risk to our account. But few of us know how does blizzard track gold buyers. If you often search the related information online, you must know that the question " how can blizzard track gold buyers "being frequently mentioned on yahoo answers. Here will tell you the details about blizzard track gold buyers.

Blizzard can track *everything* that goes on in-game. Nothing is private, not chat logs, *definitely* not mail logs. Think of the following chain of events:

1. You buy Wow gold from Gold Sales Co.
2. Random character Goldsalesanonymous mails gold to your character Sekritaccount.
3. On Sekritaccount, you mail gold back to Maincharacter (on a different account) in exchange for items that are clearly not worth that gold (since otherwise, you could have just auctioned them for the gold).
4. Goldspammar the level 1 gnome rogue gets reported by annoyed PCs who worked for their cash.
5. Blizzard identifies the location from which Goldspammar logged on (which happens to also be the same location from which Goldsalesanonymous logged in to mail gold).
6. Blizzard tracks each person mailed from each account also located at Goldspammar's location, since Goldspammar got immediately deleted, but left traces like every single account, trial or not, does.
7. Blizzard checks each mail transaction from each of those accounts, and identifies those transactions that are clearly RMT.
8. Blizzard quietly collects names and accounts.
9. Blizzard bans the whole swath, eliminating both a major RMT company and all that company's customers, while their having left people "alone" allowed those people to incriminate themselves further.

This is not fiction. This has happened, several times, and it will happen again and again, because greed and laziness are more powerful than common sense. The only people who benefit from RMT are the large companies who create shell companies to do the grunt work. Those shell companies get shut down, but by then, the money's already gone to the large company.

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