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Hidden Hearing - for all you hearing aid gadgets

by elynieva

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Hearing loss is in the increase and is said to be doing so at an alarming rate.  Close to three quarters of those that are affected are not seeking for treatment and are not even aware that they could be harboring a major hearing problem. The fact that it is a hidden disability means that people can stay for years before revealing to the rest of the world or even seeing the need to do so. It is largely ignored even by the government instead choosing to focus on other things ignorant of how it affects the suffering population. and others are indeed impacting on the lives of the people positively by giving them a lifeline in a seemingly hopeless situation. Only a person who is disabled can understand how one feels. This can be a low moment and can indeed affect your wellbeing. There is the stigma that often comes with such disabilities and no matter how much we say that people have progressed \, they are never blind to such disabilities. There are cases of people who have become socially isolated leading to adverse health effects such as heart conditions and depression.


Most people who have visited have positively affirmed how their lives were changed for the better. Things that we usually take for granted like the buzzing of the traffic can indeed turn us insane should they miss from our daily lives. You can imagine how it feels like not to hear the birds chirping or even the sound of your breathing or heartbeat. These are indeed crucial sounds in life as they indicate a sign of life. Complete stillness though it may seem enviable can be depressing.  This is how those who have gotten help often describe their frustrations in life and express their joys at being able to feel and hear again.


Technology is not yet so advanced to be able to give complete ear functionality through the hearing aids. As most experts agree, it is hard to restore hearing but this might be accomplished in future. Instead they insist that they can only partially restore some of the defects but there is no guarantee of a complete turnaround. has been a great source of joy to many people and especially the elderly who continue to flock the offices in search of solutions. With advanced technology there is hope that those with hearing problems will be able to hear like normal people again.


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