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Dentist Explains the Benefits of Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Every year, more and more patients are using both professional and over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments..  However, most patients don’t know the difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching and don’t fully understand how each system works.  I thought that I would take this opportunity to inform you of KöR Whitening System, available at the Elmhurst Dentist Office.  Patients find that it is an extremely effective in-house bleaching treatment. 


As we age, our teeth become discolored and lose their natural whiteness and brightness.  Eating certain foods and smoking in many cases will further dull the smile.  Even antibiotics such as tetracycline will give patients a tooth-darkening effect.  Modern dentistry provides cosmetic solutions that will erase these effects and give you a younger and more vibrant smile. 


Teeth Whitening Vs. Teeth Bleaching


Both patients and dentists use the terms “teeth whitening” and “teeth bleaching” interchangeably even though they are different systems which whiten your smile.  The key to understanding which system will work best for you is to understand the differences between the two methods.  



Teeth whitening systems simply clean staining elements from the tooth’s surface and restore teeth to their natural color.  The removal of dulling agents keeps the smile from looking dark and dingy.  Dental hygiene products that patients keep in their medicine cabinets such as toothpaste and mouthwash are considered teeth whitening treatments.  Most at-home cosmetic teeth whitening kits are also considered treatments.



On the other hand, teeth bleaching systems actually lift stains from tooth’s surface.  To restore that beautiful smile, teeth bleaching systems use oxygenating agents such as  hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.  These treatments are dispensed by a professional cosmetic dentist, and patients will enjoy the results right away.  Some teeth bleaching kits that are now available have an at-home component which will complement the in-office treatment. 


Our Elmhurst cosmetic dentists use the revolutionary KöR Whitening System for professional teeth-bleaching.  The KöR Whitening System is a gentle bleaching method that is safe and non-invasive.  With the KöR Whitening System, patients experience little to no sensitivity. 


The KöR Whitening System involves several steps.  First a cosmetic dentist will takes molds of your teeth.  Teeth-whitening trays will be custom made to fit your mouth perfectly.  As instructed by your dentist, you will wear your trays every night for two weeks.  You will then visit the office for a final appointment and you will be free to enjoy your whiter, brighter smile.  The KöR Whitening System has impressed dentists across the country with its ability to whiten teeth 16 shades.  The system has even been able to lift tetracycline-stained teeth, which was impossible to do in the past. 


It was our goal to inform you about teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, and specifically the KöR Whitening System.  The treatment has proven to whiten the smile fast and effectively.  If you would like any additional information, please call our Elmhurst family dentist at (630) 733-1624.

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