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Online Recruitment Portal vs. Offline Recruitment Consultant

by jobportal

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 After being certified from a college, people used to search for a job from off field network. Tradition speaks about getting jobs from offline network itself.  One who doesn’t get job after on campus recruitment he/she throws their CV in recruitment consultancies and wait for a job call. City recruitment consultancies are those who call you once they get to know any related vacancies and post that suits the candidate’s CV most. There are people who prefer this traditional mechanism of getting job from consultancy firms after direct recruitment.


Searching a job from off field network is not bad. Even one should not blame if someone is looking after the assurance of recruitment consultancies. But this is obvious that searching a job from line could give you more responses than a recruitment consultant agent. Yet a recruitment consultant agent and an online recruitment portal both are middle tier parties work as a recruitment broker. The only difference is a consultant agent works from offline field and a recruitment portal is an online platform. Hence the scope for a recruitment consultant is bit restricted as their client candidates are local or area near by maximum. But when it is about the online recruitment portal, Geography is not an issue at all.


In other words, online recruitment portals works fast that offline and physical consultant agent. An agent will intimate you about any vacancy only when they get informed or if they collect that much information in their desk and hence the communication between you and agent takes time and could have chances of ample amount of noise. Since the news will be via few medium, the news could be shortening when it will reach to you. Online consultancies are bit safer than this mechanism. The response is fast and there is zero noise in communication. The advantage is due to the digital world initially, and second, due to transparency in the procedure of recruiting a candidate.


There are online recruitment portals which are having sister sites and share the candidate’s CV among the network of various countries. So the scope for getting call gets widen enough and chances to get call become faster. Job Site Portal is marketplace software that covers almost all features that an online recruitment portal must have. It has a nourished dashboard which is easy to access and effective in maintaining. Apart from recruiters and job seekers mile stone, there are also project management and finance management in order to manipulate projects & their status and tracking day to day transactions respectively. Also a direct message services like e-mail and online video chat so that candidate and recruiters can easily communicate among themselves.



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