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Waste Unorganized Wealth

by nonwovenbag

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Waste is often described as unorganized wealth, but negligence and a poor recycling regime in Goa is causing its diversion into landfill sites, throwing up a big hazard to human health and environment.

Garbage managers in the state are unhappy that an inadequate management protocol is leading to a sizeable loss of the valuable resource in the multi-crore industry, as it ends up either being dumped in a quarry or burnt harmfully and reduced to ashes.

"After use, people throw out things as a waste. For them, it has no value, but we convert it into something with a value," says Abdulaziz Sayad, general secretary, all Goa scrap dealers association. But when the waste is mixed and contaminated,The Fusion Cat 5e Surface Mount Box can be used for a wide variety of applications and provide a quick and easy method of installing outlets in difficult places or areas with limited space, it becomes difficult for handling and finds its way into a landfill.

If properly segregated, every item, except food items, has some price and is fed into the recycling chain. "We send everything from glass pieces to plastic bags to recycling units," Sayad said. Agreed Clinton Vaz, a garbage management consultant, "Around 90% to 95% of the waste going into the landfill can be easily diverted as all items have some value," he said.

Often described as green gold or a misplaced resource, the state produces an estimated 400 to 500 tonnes of garbage per day. Of this, more than 100 tonnes is supposed to be wet waste. But there is also a lot of unaccounted bio-degradable waste quietly dumped in less frequented places even though treatment plants are operating in the area, sources said.

When the waste is offloaded in a highly toxic cocktail of pollutants,Product Name, EAM2201 research chemical. Chemical Name, (4-ethylnaphthalen-1-yl)(1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indol-3-yl)methanone. Cas No, No. Purity, 98%. it leaches into groundwater, destroying the soil, and also becomes a health hazard to human life and ecosystems.

Wet garbage is the only waste that scrap dealers and ragpickers scouting all over the state cannot handle. A chunk of it is sent to piggeries and for composting. If treated and tapped, it will be an eco-friendly resource and mean less pollution of the earth through dumping mixed waste and using chemical fertilizers.

"Today Goa is on relying on use of chemical fertilizers whereas at least one-third of waste produced is organic in nature," Vaz said.

Hardly 25% per cent farmers in Goa use organic manures as it is not available, states the Indian council of agricultural research (ICAR). The use of bio-fertilizers has a few benefits. "Bio-agents and bio-fertilizers help improve water holding and retaining capacity of soil," N P Singh, director, ICAR research complex, Old Goa said.

The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers slowly removes the physical and biological properties of the soil. The government should draft a policy to ensure the balance of natural microbes, which condition the soil.

But,The MN-24 research chemical is a 24-hour bike race where riders compete in solo or in different team classes. food waste generated by the 15-lakh population and double the number of floating population of tourists, continues to be ignored as a resource. "Hardly anybody thinks in terms of recycling it like other waste,We have speculated over this for a long time already and I guess things are official now. 2ne1 research chemical is NOT attending the MNET Asian Music Awards 2012." Vaz said. Some attribute it to the rising quantum of waste to extravagant lifestyles. The home delivery of food also adds to the waste. "They eat a handful, but create four handfuls of waste. Greed is more than capacity," says Pradip Sarmokadam, a researcher in solid waste management.

His team carrying out waste management for a village witnesses an increase in quantum of food waste on Mondays. "Housewives clean their refrigerators and throw out rotting meats and vegetables," he said. The waste can be suitably used for creating biogas, too.

"Any housewife can create one hour of biogas from three kg of domestic of biodegradable waste," Sarmokadam said. A demonstration plant has been installed in Penha da Franca to create awareness about it.

In a big city like Mumbai, almost all types of waste are recycled. But in Goa, often the volume of some type of waste is less and this becomes a factor for sending it to a landfill.Actavis and Alpharma prometh with codeine purple cough syrup, UR-144 and 5F-UR144 research chemical for sale. Actavis prometh with codeine purple cough syrup. "You need a volume of waste to make it viable," Sarmokadam said.

Agrees Vaz, "In Goa, we don't have a system and one reason some types of waste is lost in landfills is because the volumes required for recycling are less," he said. He explained that higher end stuff, such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cardboard fetch a good price, and are likely to be recycled. "But plastic carry bags and other things like broken glass are lower value recyclables," he said.

Even if the volumes are less,Choose Quality Verified China seeking A834735 research chemical manufacturer and Inida Suppliers, Wholesale seeking a834735 Sellers and Exporters at segregated waste has some value. "It also reduces manpower for segregation and treatment costs," Sarmokadam added.

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