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What's The Best Ways To Farm Spirits Of Harmony 5.1 ?

by pasiakent

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Spirit of Harmony is an extremely rare random world drop from all creatures on Pandaria. It is used in many zen-level profession recipes. As an ingredient, Spirits of Harmony will automatically will go in any enchanting bag, herb bag, inscription bag, or leatherworking bag that may be equipped.It can also be used to purchase a variety of additional bonuses or materials,Cheap Wow gold that your character may need. Because of the gerat usages of Spirits of Harmony, lots of players are trying hard to farm Spirits of Harmony in MoP 5.1. In the last article, have told you thebest places to farm Spirit of Harmony 5.1, in this article, will share with you the best ways to farm Spirits Of Harmony 5.1, hope you can benefit from it.

Gathering High Level Items
In order to obtain your Spirit of Harmony, you’ll need to combine ten Motes of Harmony. It might be a bit of a slow process, but you will always be acquiring Motes of Harmony so you won’t have to worry much about it. These Spirits of Harmony are vital ingredients in many crafting recipes so make sure you hang on to them for really important times. These items are BoP, so you cannot trade them once you pick them up. If you save carefully, you should have enough of these spirits for all of your WoW needs.

Kill Mobs To Reach Higher Levels
Just another fyi, killing mobs in these two zones ups your rep with Wrathion, something else you want to do if you're interested in having your sha-touched Legendary. Realistically, they're likely to add a vendor where you can trade the Lesser Charms in for spirits.

Farm As Much As Possible In PvE And PvP
Both PVE and PVP players can use spirits to buy things they need, so everyone benefits from collecting them. If you need some more Spirits of Harmony, you can simply go out in Pandaria and farm monsters all you want. Every mob in Pandaria has an equal chance to drop this item and buy Wow Gold, so you can even go to the Jade Forest for easier grinding!

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