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Don't Panic If You Deleted a File From Recycle Bin

by anonymous

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Accidents do happen. But they shouldn't cripple us, especially if they were as small as deletion of a file. It happens to many people that their important files do get deleted. This happens when they accidentally delete a file before emptying the recycle bin, or shift delete a file, or delete it from within an application. Undoubtedly,this is a cause of concern, unless you have Windows data recovery mechanism. This mechanism may comprise of some steps including backups, or dedicated Partition Recovery software.

  • There are times, when people lose the latest copy of the file, thereby losing a part (which was saved after the new copy was made) of their file, instead of the whole file. In case, that is the case, you may try to open that file to give finishing touches to your work.

  • Or, in case you created a backup, use that to recover your data. In case it is a little old, you may add the missing things.

  • Some utilities like Word have AutoRecover feature. If the lost file had such a feature, you may try to open the AutoRecover file through Open and Repair, or let Word Open it for you.

  • Another option is to hunt for a temporary file (Some of these files start with ~). If you find that, you may be able to recover your data.

  • But, if none of the above methods work for you, you should opt for a third-party Windows recovery software. These are third-party tools that are WYSIWYG type, and do not require any technical knowledge to handle. With free trial versions available for download to get a preview of the recoverable files and data, these software assure recovery of all the preview-able data. With no risk attached due to their read-only nature, it is worth a try.

These Partition Recovery software work on the principle that data which has been deleted, but not been written-upon can be read-through. This is because the operating systems do not delete data from the hard drive. Instead, they mark the space as unused by deleting the data/file location finder. So, until fresh data is saved in those locations, it is possible to recover every single word that was saved in the file.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is one of the most reliable tool that recovers data from the hard drive after any kind of data loss, including accidental file deletion. With a good number of recovery options, the software advices you to save the recovered data at a new location, to ensure that no part of the yet to be recovered data is written upon.

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