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How to Increase Google PageRank?

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Search Engines place your importance according to the value of your links in their database through an algorithm that analyzes links. This is termed as PageRank.

How To Increase Google PageRank?

How Google PageRank is Calculated?

Different search engines have different algorithms to analyze your PageRank. Fundamentally, it is based upon the number and types of links linked to your site. These links can be:

  • Backlinks.
  • Inbound links.
  • Internal links.
  • External links.
  • No-Follow links.
  • Do-Follow links.

Google along with other major search engines have Page Ranking sites that give your page a value on a scale of 1 to 10 after analyzing your site through their algorithms. Here are 15 tips that are sure shot ways of seeing your Page Rank go up the charts.

1. High Quality Content:

The first thing to ensure is high quality content. The more your reader shares your content with other users and friends the more popular your page becomes with search engines.

2. Site Submitting:

Don’t get just any other backlink for your site. Acquire good quality backlinks that are authentic and trusted. The best way to achieve this is to share your page on various web and article directories. It is bound to aid in increasing the PageRank eventually.

Here are some directories you can look into:

  • DMOZ
  • Yahoo Directory
  • Best Of The Web
  • Ezine Articles
  • Article Base
  • Go Articles

3. Guest Posting:

This practice achieves two things at a time. First, you attract traffic to your page and second you get a better PageRank each time a guest makes a post that belongs to your niche. Not only this, you might also get two or more backlinks through other users posting as guests for your blog.

4. Link Exchange:

It is quite an old technique that is still highly effective. You need to get sites that already have a high PageRank to link your sites. This would again get you two benefits of the right kind of traffic and higher PageRank.

5. Keep Updating:

What Google likes best are the sites that are kept fresh i.e. they are regularly updated with new and relevant content. Thus, the more you add content on a regular basis, the more will Google bots index your site resulting in a higher page rank.

6. Commenting On Other Blogs:

Commenting is not merely a feedback you receive but also the quickest way to get backlinks for your site. As some blogging sites have plugins for comments installed like CommentLuv Plugin that adds a link to the last of each latest comment on the blog. These Do-Follow blogs make acquiring backlinks through comments pretty straightforward.

Link building

7. Social Bookmarking:

Social networking sites are the fastest way of getting your blog recognized. Bloggers find it an opportunity never to be missed. Social Bookmarking displays your page on these sites that gets you backlinks and traffic. You may use the following sites for the purpose:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Squidoo
  • Digg
  • Hub Pages
  • Stumble Upon

8. Website Accessibility:

Make sure your website isn’t unavailable or down for a longer length of time. Not only will the traffic to your page be reduced, Google also decreases your PageRank if your site continues to be down. Thus, you should always make sure your website can be accessed all the time.

9. Using Commonly Searched Keywords:

Content is searched over the internet using keywords instead of whole lengthy sentences. To make your website to be visited more, you need to use the main keywords that are searched for the content you have on your site. This will in turn result in higher PageRank.

10. Website Advertising:

Another way to make your website popular with users is to create an advertisement or a banner and use it on various websites to achieve backlinks as well.

11. Create Multiple Pages:

Make as many pages as you can without making the information repetitive. This will make the internal linking more strong.

12. Participate In Forums:

Forums are Google’s most favorite esp. if they are regularly updated and your blog has backlinks straight from these forums. You know what to do.

13. Using Signatures:

You can use your signatures by putting links to them and eventually add these signatures anywhere you want like in the forum or emails. Be careful not to over use these, since you can be blocked for spamming.

14. When Google Update PageRank?

Page Ranking is not a one-time practice by Google rather it is done every three to four times a year. On average Google updates your page after every three months.

15. Never Use Illegal Techniques:

Stay away from any sort of illegal means, small or big, to increase the PageRank or traffic on your blog. Google is smart enough to detect these means and if your site is detected then Google will immediately ban it. Stick to the fair means and you are bound to get your Ranks high.

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