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Achieve ur goals quickly with software and tools

by liyo89

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Everyone wants to achieve goals.  Be it losing weight, quitting smoking, paying off debts or changing careers – if you want to get the life of your dreams, then you need to add some structure to your goal-setting!

Goal setting tools are available online and give people a selection of really useful tools and resources to help them achieve their goals and ambitions.  But what tools do you need to get your best life?

One site that offers users the best of these features, built around a thriving community of passionate goal-setters, is  It’s fun to use, allows members to tap into the advice and support of the community, and – best of all – it’s absolutely free!

The advantages of goal setting software like Wishbomb is that they allow you to plan and structure your individual goals by setting a deadline, breaking your goals down into smaller tasks and milestones and – best of all – invite friends, family and other members of the community to become your supporters.  They can send you messages of support and encouragement – the ultimate motivator!

Many goal setting sites are built around the principles of SMART goal setting.  Goals that follow the SMART guidelines are proven to be easier to complete.  The acronym stands for:

S. – Specific

M. – Measurable

A. – Attainable

R. – Relevant

T. – Time based

The design of Wishbomb is built around these principles.  When you enter a goal, Wishbomb encourages you to be specific and attainable by, for example, asking you to state how much weight you want to lose, rather than simply typing in, “I want to be slim.”  By breaking the goal down into smaller tasks and milestones, the goal becomes measurable.  By limiting the number of active goals a person can have (five max at any one time), the site ensures the goals are relevant to the user.  Finally, by having the ever-present real-time clock counting down, the goal is time-based.  These factors combine to create the most powerful free goal setting site on the market. 

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