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The Plight of SEO Writers Ends with Google Panda

by raviseo

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When the Hollywood film ‘Kung-fu Panda’ was released in 2008 it made a stir by becoming one of the highest grossing animation film of the year. Similarly, when Google for the first time unveiled Panda updates last year, the stir that it brought about was of a different nature and magnitude.  Inflicting its wrath of an off-guarded marketing acumen of the internet world, several websites and blogs not just lost mighty position on the search engine page result but some were completely traced out of the index. It is no doubt that the implication of Google Panda has brought to light some serious issues related to the SEO practice. Ask any SEO expert and he/she shall not stop ranting about the serious ramification ‘Panda Updates’ have caused to their work. This change in trend may be a source to concern for certain SEO experts who by far were getting away from short-cut or ‘Black Hat’ practices of SEO. However, it’s a welcome change for content writers who perhaps are fed-up churning robotic and insight-less content which is centric to keyword stuffing rather than the overall quality of the write-up.

Recently, I read a post on LinkedIn that discussed about the paucity of good SEO writers coupled with declination of enterprises to hire content writers with exceptional sense for writing.  The reason for this is the good writers cost more, secondly for the purpose of SEO with the experience and skills of an average write will do. As an SEO writer I couldn’t disagree with the write-up more. The fact is that, there isn’t a shortage of good content writers. However, owing to the SEO technique that has dominated the practice for a long time, a lot of writers are not able to showcase their writing skills. The entire focus was majorly on the usage of keywords rather than thoughts and ideas expressed in the article.

Thanks to the change in the dynamics of Google algorithm the focus shall now be more on the content, rather than keyword frequency and its relevance or most often irrelevance within a write-up.  Talking about keywords, in the year 2013 sticking to the age old and redundant keywords shall severely restrict ones SEO endeavor.  Due to the rampant usage of social media networks, users will not just search for a given product but also search for its review and market reception in general. This is a welcome change and now SEO writers will get a wide array of keywords and its variation to choose from.

Another change that I foresee is that there will be a growth in demand to Hire Article Writers with experience in SEO writing.  This is because according to the latest search engine algorithms, posting an article or blogs more than a couple of online submission platforms shall interfere with Google ranking. Repetition of content shall no longer be an accepted norm and there will be a definite requirement of quantitative but quality content.  In my opinion, these changes shall benefit the content development industry at large. Good writers will be valued more and to meet the requirement of dynamic content development the hunt to hire high quality content writers will only escalate.

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