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Book Reviewers Wanted?

by books

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Reading and writing. That is all that is required. Being a book reviewer may be one of the easiest and hardest professions in the world, because everyone is a reviewer. Everyone who reads is a book reviewer so mostly book reviewers aren’t wanted they are everywhere and spreading their reviews by writing, speaking, and smiling.

There are places online where book reviewers are wanted, but they aren’t the easiest to find. It takes some leg work, but they are discoverable. I recommend doing a search for book reviewer wanted on Google and seeing where that takes you.

You could also search blogs that write book reviews. Many of them are swamped with books that needs reviews and can easily be found by doing a simple blog search. Then asking if they want help and providing a writing sample.

Newspapers are the toughest, but it is easier to start at the local small town level and work your way up to the big leagues. Don’t expect overnight success, but work at it. In a few years you might work your way up to a regional or city newspaper. Maybe go for magazines as well.

Your blog is always wanting book reviewers. I think this may be the best place to get started. You can write book reviews for yourself and hit some high success markers. There is nothing like making the success yourself. Not to mention free books. IF you get really innovative you can put some advertising up and start selling your site’s views. You need to be pretty good to make any money from this though.

Goodreads is fun if you want to be a book reviewer who does it for fun and has no real other purpose. Good to share books and talk about books, but they aren’t really wanted there.

Being a book reviewer isn’t always the most ideal goal because they are really wanted and not really wanted at all. There are so many people with this goal the blogs that pop up are covering each other an re-reviewing each other’s reviews. It is hard to break away and create your own without a year or two of hard work and expertise in book publishing.

Good luck with you goal of becoming a reviewer  I am sure you will find a place where book reviewers are wanted and you’ll be the best there is. Remember that hard work, perseverance, and promoting your reviews no matter where they are will only equal great things for your writing and reading life. Try to have fun as well, because I hate reading boring reviews.

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