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3 Things to Watch Out for When Buying Or Selling From eBay

by anonymous

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If you have items that you need to sell, the first place you probably think heading to is eBay. This website has been very popular for paintings, Jewelry and sometimes Memorabilia Auctions since it started. Over the years, many users have become disillusioned by the numerous issues encountered when trying to buy and sell from it. Here are a number of those issues that you need to consider before you sell from the site.

Hidden Costs

If you want your product to be listed on eBay there are a number of fees that you will have to pay. These fees include fees for listing your item on eBay and final value fee. These are the basic fees that you are required to pay. However, due to the high level of competition with sellers selling similar products on the site, you will find that you need to pay an extra fee to help you gain visibility. Even though this fee is not mandatory, you will eventually find yourself paying it otherwise you won’t get a lot visibility for your items.

To the buyer seeking jewelry auctions online, will find that eBay fees will affect the price of the listed goods compared to other independent websites. Sellers need to make money and they therefore will transfer the costs to the consumer.

Arbitration issues

EBay has had its fair share of scammers who use the site to swindle buyers. Due to the high number and sellers the number of issues raised between the buyer and seller are very many.  EBay is known to take months to resolve these issues. A buyer who reports a seller will have to wait for that long to get his refund. Both buyers and sellers have in the past complained of the poor arbitration process that eBay takes them through, every time there is a dispute.

Availability Of Information

Most Internet users rely on ratings to make an informed decision on what to buy. Ratings and feedback are therefore important to online buyers. On eBay only buyers can post both positive and negative feedback. Sellers can only post negative feedback, this may be advantage to the buyer but it can discourage the seller. Its forums are also heavily censored and this may prevent the buyer from getting important information about the seller when buying from the site.

If you want to take part in online paintings auction you should be aware that eBay has very few high value buyers and sellers. Selling things of high value is therefore difficult given the issues mentioned here.

If you are planning to buy goods online these are issues you need to pay attention to when visiting any site online. Those trying to sell high value items and participate in Memorabilia Auctions need to be very careful to avoid losing their money or valued items.

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