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Deep Research on Hammer Crusher Wear

by dreamwangping19

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The hammer crusher has a simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, uniform material, which is suitable for crushing various materials, light weight, easy operation and maintenance, and is widely used in building material industry. The hammer head of hammer crusher is worn faster, and life is short, which becomes the outstanding problems of the machine. Hongxing mine machinery company makes test research and analysis on hammer crusher to identify the main reason for the failure of the hammer head of hammer crusher, and find the main factors that lead to the wear of hammer head of hammer crusher, and sum up the measures to improve the service life of hammer crusher. Hammer crusher uses high-speed rotation of the hammer-impact materials, the material flows along its natural fissures, bedding planes and joints vulnerable part of the fracture surface rubble and broken. Hammer crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy , building materials and electricity industries.
Hammer crusher is also used in the ceramic industry, there are certain applications, such as for the crushing of ceramics raw shale. In the working course of hammer crusher, due to the impact and friction materials, which inevitably lead to the wear and failure of the hammer head, liner, grate bars and other parts, the hammer is the most important wear parts, the consumption is great, you need to reserve a large number of spare parts, which not only takes up the funds, but also affects the normal production of enterprises. Therefore, we make analysis for factors that influences hammer wear, and looking for measures to improve the service life of hammer head, which has important practical significance to maintain normal production and improve economic efficiency. The failure of the hammer head of hammer crusher shows on the following aspects: small impact wear and cutting, the combination of erosion wear. Different conditions make different state of wear.
Therefore, you should use different antifriction measures to prolong the life of the hammer according to different influencing factors,. Generally speaking, increasing the service life of hammer crusher hammer needs that not only a manufacturer tries to guarantee and improve the the hammer material, mechanical properties and quality, also the user should pay attention to scientific selection, as well as the rational use and scientific management.


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