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Three Male Organ Problems that May Affect Men’s Health

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The male organ is an important part of every man’s life, and the condition of the male organ and its ability to perform plays a big role in a man’s self-confidence and overall sense of well-being. The male organ is more than just a sign of virility, though. In many cases, problems with the male organ can be an early indicator of underlying conditions that may affect a man’s reproductive health. Knowing the signs to watch for and caring for the male organ properly can help to prevent lasting effects from common male organ issues. Three frequently-seen male organ symptoms that may require treatment to prevent ongoing problems are described here.

Bending or curving when excited

Some degree of curvature in a firm male organ is normal; in fact, most men do not have a perfectly straight male organ when firm. However, when the male organ has a pronounced bend or curve during excitement can indicate the presence of scarring around the internal supporting tissue. This scar tissue, which can often be felt as a bump under the skin on the shaft of the male organ, generally develops after an injury, although it may form in men who have not experienced any trauma to the male organ.

This scarring can eventually lead to a severe curvature of the firm male organ – a condition known as Peyronie’s disease - and may limit the ability to engage in intimacy. Loss of function may be the end result. The usual treatment for this problem is surgery. Supporting male organ health and promoting the development of healthy connective tissue with nutrient formulas containing vitamin C may reduce the risk of developing Peyronie’s disease

Frequent infections

Occasional minor skin infections are not uncommon, and most men will encounter conditions such as fungal infections from time to time. On the other hand, men who experience frequent infections may have an underlying health problem that affects their ability to fight off common problems such as yeast infection, jock itch and other uncomfortable skin issues. Frequent infections can be symptomatic of chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Men who are prone to infection and other skin problems of the male organ are advised to seek medical evaluation to rule out any more serious health conditions.  In addition, caring for the male organ skin with immune-boosting vitamins and minerals and maintaining the external integrity of the dermal tissue through adequate moisturizing can help keep fungal and bacterial invaders at bay.

Difficulty achieving or maintaining a firm member

Reproductive malfunction is a complicated problem with many contributing factors. Inability to achieve a firm member or maintain it long enough to reach release can be related to cardiovascular issues, nerve damage, or even emotional problems such as stress and anxiety. Because ED can indicate a more serious problem, men who have ongoing issues in the bedroom should seek medical attention to determine whether there is an underlying health condition. In the meantime, adequate nourishment of the male organ skin may promote healthy circulation and help to repair peripheral nerve damage – which is often the result of normal partner activity – and maintain the responsiveness of the manhood nerve tissue.

Supporting male organ health

In order to keep the male organ healthy and reduce the risk of ongoing health problems, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition, regular exercise, and routine health checks are at the root of a healthy male organ. In addition, a male organ health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing male organ-specific nutrients such as vitamins A, B5, C, and D, as well as all-natural emollients and the amino acids needed for cellular repair, may contribute to manhood health in general and help to prevent some of the common issues that may affect the male organ.

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