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How Much Fat Can Be Removed During Laser Liposuction?

by lisawhitela

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Think of “liposuction,” and you think of California. Most people have the impression that the best and latest cosmetic procedures are found in the hills of Hollywood, and end up trooping all the way there.
But it’s about time to change that perception. For one thing, liposuction isn’t like getting your tooth pulled out; it’s actually a major surgical procedure. Second, there are a lot of charlatans in the business, especially for people who get all starry-eyed about the prospect of having cosmetic surgery done in an area where the world’s biggest celebrities are. One forgets how many celebrities have actually ended up looking like the living dead after “liposuction” was performed on them by quacks posing as board-certified cosmetic or plastic surgeons.
But now, you don’t have to deal with all that. There’s a new technique called laser liposuction.
What is laser liposuction?
The old liposuction technique basically meant inserting a high-powered suction tube underneath a patient’s skin and turning it on, violently rupturing fat cells and other supporting tissues before sucking them out. Aside from causing trauma to the body, sometimes, a lack of uniformity in the healed skin’s appearance develops in about 20% of the patients.


Laser liposuction St. Louis, on the other hand, places a tinier laser fiber underneath the skin.  The laser is used to first “burn” the water out of the fat cells away, before finally melting the dehydrated fat cells. Once melted, the fat cells are removed. A tube (called a cannula) that sucks the liquid out is thus much smaller, and requires less suction power. Sometimes the fat is “liquefied” well enough that the broken-down and healthier elements are simply reabsorbed by the tissues.
This translates to less body trauma. The laser’s heat also helps tighten the skin over the treated area, delivering more of the effect that the patients desired in the first place. 
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Liposuction techniques in St. Louis
Fortunately for St. Louis, Missouri, this new laser liposuction technique is now available for those living in the area.
There are currently about four laser liposuction machine models used by surgeons. Two of them are from SmartLipo (924nm and 1064 to 1320 nm laser), one is from Cool Lipo (1064 to 1320 nm laser), and the newer Lipotherme Machine (980 nm). Those numbers given per machine model are the wavelength of the laser being used.
It’s important for you to know what wavelengths your St. Louis cosmetic surgeon will be using, as this tells you how effective and aesthetically-pleasing the results of your surgery can be. Most laser machines will use 1320nm wavelength to target the fat cells’ water, and a much lower wavelength to melt the fat. For instance, the Lipotherme’s 900+ laser wavelength can liquefy 3 to 5 times as much fat as the other models.
Now that you know how laser liposuction works, consult with your doctor now to see if it suits you.
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