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Coming Round Fake Alarms from Fallacious Dental Fairy Tales

by darcylosh

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Aside from offering the appropriate therapy, a dentist in Snellvilleis likewise in charge of patient education. So, when a patient with teeth and gum issues walks in a dental office and explains to his dental professional that he blames his foul breath on his old toothbrush and sordid toothpaste, the dentist should correct his misconception and explain how halitosis (aka bad breath) can be triggered by a number of conditions or factors. As a matter of fact, the following are some more usual misconceptions that dentists routinely debunk:

Myth # 1: Eating more sugar suggests higher prospects of acquiring dental caries.

Just because you took in a cut of cake followed by ice cream and donuts doesn't imply that your teeth will fall out as a result of tooth decay. The amount of sugar you eat up is not related to cavity formation. It's in fact the duration that sugar stays in your mouth which can cause dental caries-- meaning the longer it remains, the more harmful it becomes.

Myth # 2: Concerns caused by poor oral health is only confined in the mouth.

Why should you bother with dental health when it only includes a small area of your body, right? But did you realize that problems with your tongue, teeth, and gum can gradually have an effect on your overall health? For instance, people with gum disease are unable to eat adequately, which could entail weight loss and exhaustion.

Myth # 3: Directly placing an aspirin on an aching tooth can give comfort.

This is an old home treatment that should not be done. Aspirin was manufactured to be taken, and this is the only means for it to work. Bear in mind that liquefying an aspirin in your mouth can damage gum tissue and diminish your tooth's enamel. Myth # 4: It's fine to shed baby teeth to dental caries.

Baby teeth need to be kept in top condition. This is due to the fact that research has revealed that dental caries in baby teeth could damage and lead to misalignment of permanent teeth. This is also why moms and dads are required to make it a practice to clean their baby's gums even before the first tooth emerges.

Now you know some of the extensively accepted fairy tales and the reality behind them. If you ever find yourself marveled about particular dental information or customs, don't wait to clarify it with your certified Snellville dentist. For more information, you can visit

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