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Destroying Redundant Records Los Angeles Shredding Services

by rubybadcoe

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The health care industry has exerted every effort and available resource to comply with federal-mandated policies on electronic medical record system management. However, in mid-November 2012, a Los Angeles hospital was sued for an alleged data breach with the health records of two patients. To prevent such breaches, businesses should contact a company that can perform shredding in Los Angeles to ensure that documents are handled securely. Listed below are some tips for an effective records destruction program:

Classify the records according to type.

Accounting and finance records serve all financial-related functions, and examples of these are annual financial statements, bank accounts, cash payments and receipts, ledgers and journals, budget-related reports, and others. On the other hand, legal documents are legally binding contracts and service agreements or any record related to a current or anticipated Internal Revenue Service-authorized audit, legal action, or any government investigation. The records which are essential to the operations of an organization are referred to as vital records.

Know the proper document retention schedules.

Once the records are grouped according to the functions they serve, one can identify their appropriate retention period. All records pertaining to an active bank account such as deposit slips, passbooks, canceled checks, bank statements, and others are to be retained for a period of seven years. Employee records, on the other hand, must be retained ten years after end of employment.

Consider options for destroying records.

Once records fulfill their legal retention requirements, it's important they're disposed of in a secure manner. Simply throwing them out in trash bins isn't enough to guarantee they won't fall into the wrong hands. A good way to get rid of them safely is by shredding, a process where papers are cut into very small pieces.

Hire a provider of shredding services.

For the efficient destruction of records, advanced shredding equipment is needed, something which most businesses don't have access to. In addition, it will take additional manpower to completely destroy the records. Fortunately, they can hire a Los Angeles shredding service provider to handle this task.

Learn about the process.

A good shredding company has locked security containers which they can deliver and pick up from the place of business. To ensure that the appropriate records are destroyed, they will run a series of spot checks before going through with the shredding process. For more information, visit

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