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Suresmile Dentist London

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Getting braces can be a daunting prospect: whether you’re a teenager who feels self conscious about their looks or an adult who wants to get a winning smile, everyone knows the horror stories. Two years of arduous commitment, incessant readjustment appointments and “tightenings”. It’s no wonder so many people have been put off having treatment when you think of all the hassle that braces can entail.

A new technology, called SureSmile, is aiming to change that. They promise to speed up the process and reduce the hassle, without losing the quality of readjustment offered by conventional braces.The process is faster but it isn’t rushed, so there are no risks of inferior treatment caused by hasty readjustment. Instead, the SureSmile treatment streamlines the process by greatly increasing the precision of the memory wires that form the braces, allowing them to work to a greater level of effectiveness with a lot less manual adjustment from the dentist.

These wires are made of Copper Nickel Titanium, a composite that is well suited to ensuring a gentle but consistent level of remodelling. Traditionally, these wires simply weren’t widely available because of the heat required to mold them for each patient. The SureSmile treatment changes that. They use precise robotic construction to shape the wires, allowing them to completely bypass the scalding temperatures that had made the process impossible for ordinary dentists. Not only can the technology cope with the extreme conditions required to customise the wires, they can also shape them with a much higher degree of precision than any human could, allowing them to create braces that are both comfortable and highly effective.

SureSmile combine this with 3D mapping technology to create digital images of what your teeth look like now, and what they should look like when the treatment is over. This allows orthodontists to set an accurate target for how you want your teeth to look and make sure that this vision is carried out precisely, unlike the normal treatment which relies on estimations.On average, these optimisations make process 33% faster than normal orthodontic correction.

The idea of having braces seems a lot less scary when you see the level of detail and control that modern technology can bring to the process. It’s reassuring that all you have to do is Google: “SureSmile dentist london” and before you know it, you’ll be booked in for an appointment and on your way to perfect teeth. Without all that worry hanging over you, it’s a lot easier to just smile.

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