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Know What the State Provides Before Paying the Care Home Fee

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Before you move your loved one into a care home and pay the care home fees, you must completely understand what the state provides. Be certain about the expenses and affordability. Looking for an independent and benefit advice is very significant in such case.

Who qualifies for the local authority monetary assistance?

If you need a care home place while your capital and income are below a particular set standard, you will be eligible for the monetary support from the local authority of the state.

If the state pays, do you have a choice of care home?

Even if the state is paying for your care home fees, you have the choice to opt for the most comfortable and convenient care home, irrespective of the country where it is located. The home that you opt for must be suitable for all your needs, complying with all terms and conditions which are established by the authority that is financing for the same.

What if the care home costs more than what the local authority is ready to pay for?

The local authority of the state will permit the fees to be topped by a 3rd party who is capable enough to do so for longer time duration.

My partner needs care. Will that affect me financially?

Only the partner who requires care must be means tested. The property occupied by one partner will be disregarded and just 50% of the private pension will be considered. The local authority of the state will take 50% of any savings which are in your joint account. Hence to seek financial help, it is best to have individual bank accounts which meet the care cost paid from the bank account of the individual in the care home.

One can also seek the help of a professional and experienced lawyer to get a benefit advice, if any.

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