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The art of organizing successful elementary school fundraise

by Charleston

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Limited funding for elementary schools coupled with dwindling charitable funds available for extra-curriculum programs has made school fundraisers rather indispensible. Contemporary elementary students often have to result to fundraisers when they need to organize school trips, events and projects. A particular class may decide to go for an academic trip but unfortunately fail to secure sufficient or any funding from the school management. To collect or supplement the funding required for such a trip, the class can decide to organize a small and/or short-term fundraiser where the students will sell some items and/or offers to the school community at large at a fee.


Schools have consequently become very creative and innovative at organizing various fundraising drives for almost every imaginable cause. The problem, however, is that few such fundraisers attain their objectives mainly because they are poorly organized and especially when such efforts are left in the hands of inexperienced facilitators. The success of a school fundraiser is determined by how well it is planned, organized and conducted. There are a few pointers that can help in organizing a successful fundraiser.


The start of a successful elementary school fundraising process is from the onset dependent on choosing several easy fundraising ideasthat can be implemented by the school. Given that the fundraising efforts are to be entrusted to elementary school students, these fundraising ideas should be uncomplicated and straightforward. Secondly, it is important to identify the best possible sales items for the fundraiser as well as the best sources for these supplies. Choosing a supplier who can deliver quality items in a reliable manner basically determines whether even the most effective of campaign ideas will materialize into adequate funds generation. In other words, this will determine the campaign’s success or failure.


Ideally, an elementary school fundraising campaign may have little or no start-up funds. It is thus also important to consider a supplier who can front the sale items at a minimal commission thereby reducing the funds required to run the campaign. There are indeed several reliable companies that facilitate the supply and delivery of elementary school fundraising drives sales items at negligible commission rates. Involving such a company will certainly make it easy to organize a successful fundraising campaign with minimal resources.


Participating in a successful fundraising effort is a lifetime experience that school children will always remember as part of their childhood. It is therefore important to ensure that the children are excited to participate in the fundraising effort in any way they can. Motivating the children to fully participate in the campaign with a guarantee that the outstanding contributions of stellar performers will be rewarded is definitely going to increase the likelihood of the fundraiser’s financial success.


Finally, it is important to remember that it can be rather difficult for elementary school children to make logical, convincing and action-soliciting sales pitches. This is especially considering that many of these children have very limited social skills. It is therefore important to help them attain success by ensuring that what they are selling is attractively packaged, well presented and valuable to the target buyers. This will certainly make it easier for the children to raise funds despite their age and inexperience.


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