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Rockwell Trading Reviews

by Rockwelltrading

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Last week I had a chance to attend a trial of the Rockwell live trading room and wanted to share a review of my experience. In a word, I was pretty impressed. I have been in several other trading rooms and am somewhat jaded by these experiences. In all cases, I had a hard time understanding what the trader was doing and why he was doing it. In one case, I wasn't even sure if the trades were live or being placed with the benefit hindsight.

Not the case with Rockwell Trading. The room is professionally moderated and every day begins 15 minutes before the markets open with a pre-market routine that reviews current headlines, upcoming events traders need to be aware of, and what happened in overnight trading across several markets.

Once the markets are open, the Rockwell moderators focus their discussion on market set-ups they see happening and what trading strategies they might use. Once a trading decision is made, market entries are clearly identified along with the profit target and stop loss exits being used. This are clearly marked on their charts and trading platform in advance of the trade. If a fill is achieved, the Rockwell moderators discuss what they see happening and if any adjustments will be necessary. Win or lose, each trade is laid bare and dissected. Questions are welcome from room attendees and are usually promptly answered in a frank and candid fashion.

Over the course of my weekly trial, the room had three winning days, two losing days, and was up marginally on the week. Each day a short video was sent to room attendees that recapped each trade made during the day's trading session. And this is when it hit me how refreshingly different these guys are. They are candid, transparent, and very focussed on sharing with their clients how they trade the markets. If you are looking for a high rollers room to shadow trade, this is not the room for you. If you want to leran first hand how small lot traders day trade the futures markets, then Rockwell Trading is someone you should check out.

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