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How Net Speed is Affected by a Cat5 Cable

by lancevartanian

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According to a current study by Forrester Research, Americans spend about the same period of time surfing the Internet as watching TV. It's surprising to understand from the survey that individuals from various age groups--those younger than and over 30--are surfing the Net daily. Electronic mailing is the most popular task online, followed by news-reading, buying, and using social networks.

If you depend on the Net on a regular basis for important activities, it's vital that your Web performance does not go under 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) to avoid radical increases in downloading times. Performance is influenced by a host of elements including software application troubles, weather, malware and PC viruses, the number of connections accessing the Internet service protocol (ISP) at the same time, and the positioning of the modem and routers. In rare instances, however, Web performance decreases as a result of poor cat5 cable connection. Make sure to obtain a new cat5 cable from time to time to ensure steady speeds.

Cat5 cables, also known as Ethernet cables, are shield-less cords that have four pairs of 24-gauge twisted copper pairs equipped with an RJ-45 jack. These cables are used mainly for network and telephone wiring. Cables that are approved as cat5 have "Cat-5" printed on the surface to tell them apart from ordinary twisted wires.

Cat5 cables come in two different kinds: Cat5 and Cat5e. Cat5 cables are made to support network connections operating 10 and a hundred Mbps. Cat5e, on the other hand, is the enhanced version of cat5 as it can easily support network links of 1000 Mbps. Both types provide distinct benefits, so be sure to pick the appropriate cable for your needs.

Low-quality or inefficient cat5 cables can limit Internet speed. In fact, the cable can operate a max distance of only 100 meters before the strength of the signal becomes too low to be helpful. It's most certainly not an option when downloading big files or buffering online videos.

Picking the right cat5 cable for home networks may be quite tough. Ask assistance from tech experts or carry out some research by yourself. You can also check out for invaluable ideas as well as comprehensive information.

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