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Maintenance Considerations on Vibrating Screen

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     Circular vibrating screen operation and maintenance are essential, improper operation, is likely to affect the life of the vibrating screen, reasonable maintenance can extend the life of the vibrating screen; This article is a description of the maintenance matters on the vibrating screen.
     Before you turn on the vibrating screen, operator should deal with both sides of the vibrating screen and check the oil level, too high oil level will cause the exciter temperature rise or operational difficulties, too low oil level will lead to premature failure of the bearing.
Check the V-belt tensioning force of vibration sieve, to avoid slip in the start-up or working, and to ensure that the V-pulley on the positive.
Check the vibrating screen tightness of all bolts and re-tighten after the initial work 8h.
    Vibrating screen sieve should be started in the case of no load, when the sieve run smooth, you can begin to feed materials, before you stop the equipment, you should stop feeding, you can stop the device until the materials on the screen are discharged cleanly.
     Feed chute should be as close as possible to the discharge end of vibrating screen, and as far as possible along the full width of the sieve cloth, the feed direction should be consistent with running direction of materials on screen surface, so as to get the best screening effect. From the feed point to the screen surface, the biggest difference is not greater than 500mm, to ensure minimum impact of the material on the screen surface.
     When the exciter of Vibrating sieve reverses with the direction of material flow direction, which increases the material running speed, and increase production capacity, but lower the screening efficiency; When the flow direction of the exciter is reversed, reduce the material running speed and reduce production capacity, and reduce screening efficiency;
 Make sure that the minimum gap between the vibrating sieve all the moving parts and fixture.

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