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Efence captcha alternative 2 protect websites from spam

by liyo89

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As internet technology is rapidly growing, it continues to attract millions of visitors. To serve the users with the best resources the number of websites, are also growing at an astronomical rate. In such an e-crowd commotion, it is important to have secured web information and resources. To save websites from spammers, captcha code has been used within the website forums, blogs and so on. The implementation of CAPTCHA on web forms helps prevent bots and non-humans to access the website. The CAPTCHA code is generally an image with randomly generated alphanumeric strings that are badly distorted. The code is capable in differentiating between humans and bots.


One can find CAPTCHA image verification while accessing the online registration, placing orders, e-commerce transactions and many more. But at times CAPTCHA becomes very frustrating, as the strings or images generated by these captcha codes are so badly distorted that it is unable to read even by real humans. Hence, many of the companies worked hard and served the best captcha alternative to beat the complexities and human frustration. Such an alternative is efence, which is the most advanced and effective multimedia based technology that enhances the security against internet bots while keeping the CAPTCHA simple. In this captcha alternative, the user is only required to click on a requested part of an image presented to him/her to complete the process. This is the easiest way to recognize real humans and to keep bots at bay.


The efence is designed by a team of professionals who are talented, technical and business members from premier science and business schools and universities. Efence can be used as jquery captcha, and like CAPTCHA it can be used on an array of popular platforms as it is compatible with various technology platforms.Efence can even be implemented on mobiles and tablets to keep the website safe. It is the best choice when it comes to integrate mobile in several ways and make it appropriate for a very specific requirement. Hence, to take the advantage of such product, to provide best solutions and to protect your website from internet bots and spam, use efence in your website and give the convenience and ease of accessibility to your visitors.

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