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Use easy captcha to prevent spam and content poisoning

by mario26

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Are you having spam issues on your blog? If so, then this article is just for you.

We are all fed up of spam on our blogs and are looking to prevent this spam. With the development of search engine optimization techniques spamming has also increased. We often get the unwanted links or URLs in the comment and reply box, and most of us don’t know why someone posts these replies. Though search engines are having strict guidelines to prevent spam, still spamming continues to be a menace. Most of the time the spamming is done using malicious software that not only creates spam content in the form of links or URLs but also post it on the blogs. In order to stop the software or internet bots to post the spamming links on our website, captcha can be used.

CAPTCHA is the acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA is quite effective in the prevention of spamming. Its concept is simple, i.e., if a real human is posting something or using any website, he can decode a CAPTCHA in the form of alpha-numeric characters that are presented in an obscured or twisted fashion. The human can then write the deciphered letters in a given box, and access the website. However, spam bots are unable to identify the captcha images, so cannot access the website. CAPTCHA exploits this advantage of the capabilities of a human over machines.

There are many vendors who provide a CAPTCHA code, but, most of them create the CAPTCHAs that are so tough that even humans cannot decipher or solve it on a single try. This makes the real human user frustrated and he or she stops accessing that particular website, resulting in a user drop-off rate. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy captcha for your website or blog, having simple codes then you can opt for the captcha alternative like efence that maintains security with a much more interesting and efficient CAPTCHA. Efence easily supports many CMS systems like mobile captcha, java captcha, WordPress captcha, drupal captcha, php captcha, and many more.

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