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What Does Notary Do?

by Notarybusiness

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In order to formulate proper idea about
what a notary does, it is noteworthy to assimilate the term. A notary is a
person who is well aware of the laws and regulation of a country and can
understand what to do under tricky situations. The notaries get licenses from
the government especially to witness or verify signatures that are done on a
document. The job of California, Mississippi, Alaska and Hawaii notary also include
stamping the documents as a sign of acknowledgement.

California notary, like all other notary associations, have set
some rules in order to qualify as a notary. Some of them are-

  • The
    candidate seeking to become a notary should be above 18 years of age.

  • The
    person irrespective of gender must be a resident of the state.

  • Before
    getting admitted to the course study for being California
    , one has to go
    through a criminal check which would include finger prints checking too.

An Alaskanotary job is to
certify the authenticity of a legal document, and the signatures on it.
However, notary has no right or say or authority upon any criminal cases

Alaska has also got some set of rules to become a notary. They are namely-

  • The person has to be 19 years or above of age in order to seek license as an Alaska

  • He or she must be a resident of Alaska and residing for 4 years at a stretch prior
    to the date of application.

  • He or she must have a clean record in accordance with the criminal verification
    that needs to be performed on every candidate before the issue of the license.

  • The candidate must have gone through the requisite period of course training before
    applying as an Alaska

The above mentioned set of rules is
similar to that of Mississippi notaryand Hawaii

In order to become aMississippi notaryor aHawaii notary,it
is mandatory that one pass the course exams, first. The courses of notary
training are divided into two categories, one is a six hour course that is
taken before the appointment as a notary, and the other one is a three hour
course, taken after the appointment as a notary.

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