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Stone Production Line can Break the Quagmire

by anonymous

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  It is learnt that the situation of cement industry is more critical now. According to the survey, cement production and sales had increased in the second quarter, profit fell substantially, and the cause of the sharp drop in profit is the sharp fall in cement prices. While behind the sharp profit decline of cement industry, it contains deep problems in the industry. Cement industries have been through the era of high growth and development, and China adopts the way of massive investment in infrastructure, water conservancy, railways, and other possibilities of ways to drive industry growth, the trend seems to be not feasible, the dilemma of cement industry development becomes inevitable.
     Cement companies cannot continue to simply rely on the scale to get out of the quagmire, in order to break the gridlock, many famous cement companies have already taken measures such as a merger, consolidation, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, but most of all, unwavering reduction for cement output was obliged to do, it is the only way to solve the issue of excess cement production. According to senior industry experts, cement enterprises must adjust strategy, and positively change the development way, and then establish a new model of development to increase profits, transformation and upgrading of gravel production and identify cement-sand-concrete way as one of the development model is the best crack to solve problems.
It is learnt that the cement industry is the subsequent industrial sand and gravel industry.  Henan hongxing heavy cement enterprises in transition area was fully ready for an upgrade, we have launched the highest level of domestic large aggregates of automatic production lines, and has been widely promoted throughout the country, which are recognized by a large number of cement enterprises.
     Practice has proved that gravel aggregate production line can really become new profit growth point of cement enterprises, the technically superior sand production line of cement equipment also increased the competitiveness of enterprises in transition, and this is the important measure of cement enterprises to achieve sustainable development.


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