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Cone Crusher has Strong Position in the International Market

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   Mining machinery industry provide solid raw material, materials, fuel mining and processing equipment machinery for mine, its technological level and manufacturing processes determine the level of scientific development and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources such as metals, non-metallic, as well as such as coal, it is also an important symbol for measuring a country's industrial strength. After the founding of PRC, especially since the reform and opening up, Chinese mining machinery industry has gradually built a strong comprehensive strength manufacturing system, it plays a significant role of the pillars of the national economy. After joining the WTO, there are numerous opportunities and challenges, China mining Machinery Company actively meet it, exports and international market share has improved significantly, and formed a series of products with strong international competitive strength.But since the second half of 2008, the global financial crisis, China's exports have been seriously affected; mining machinery industry exports also changed its many years of strong growth momentum.
     In 2009 exports declined for the first time in 10 years, and further deteriorated in the first quarter of 2010, which has seriously affected China's exports of mining machinery industry. About the reason, in addition to the global economy out of concern, also, the structure of China mining machinery products export is not reasonable, such as the product structure and flow direction of exports  excessively concentrated in a few countries, a few varieties of share is excessive and unbalanced structure. Domestic research concentrated on  mining machinery industry in responding to the WTO rules, the adjustment of industry structure and analysis of sales, and export structures have not attracted researchers’ attention, and most of the existing relevant research focused on the qualitative analysis, and does not use quantitative methods to study the issue of export trade structure.
     At present, the products of China mining machinery in the international market are in a relatively strong position. Upgrade mining equipment, construction equipment, sieving and washing equipment, crushing mill and other equipment in coal mine 5 categories of products have obvious expansion of the development characteristics of high speed and market share, which has fully demonstrated China's rapid development momentum in mining machinery products in the international market. The jaw crusher, cone crusher and other crushers produced by Hongxing company are popular in market.

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