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Riding a Toronto Airport Limo on the 407

by earnestinenovick

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Fast travel is perhaps the most significant statement made with the improvement of Highway 407 in Ontario, as it is the first ever highway that uses a fully-automated toll system. Each day, approximately 400, 000 trips are made along this 108-km Express Toll Route (ETR), created to alleviate traffic from the nearby highways that lead back to other provinces. For maximum travel ease when traveling on the 407, an airport limo in Toronto must have an ETR system installed in it.

The 407 ETR, as it is known today, didn't have the ETR system till 1997. The system entails the use of a series of cameras and sensors that capture license plates and receive transponder signals from vehicles, all to be analyzed by the system. Instead of queuing at a booth to pay the fee then and there, motorists are electronically charged for the toll via transponder—a device that luckily is installed in quite a few Toronto airport limos.

Airport limo solutions look at 407 toll fees as additional costs, which will be included in your total taxi fare. Given that airport limos pass as light automobiles, the ETR charges them around 19 to 25 cents per km, depending on location and duration of travel on the highway. If the airport limo runs the entire length of the highway, overall toll costs could range from around $20 to $27.

Bear in mind that the 407 has a couple of zones with different ETR rates: a light zone and a regular zone. The light zone is the section of the 407 from Queen Elizabeth Way to just before Highway 403, which is a highway that leads into Mississauga. The regular zone begins from that area and ends at Highway 7.

Most airport taxis and limousines can travel via the 407 upon request of the passenger; however, they could also make use of the inner freeways such as Highway 401. If possible, research the most efficient course to your location within or beyond the Greater Toronto Area—or merely ask a Toronto airport limo driver for his opinion regarding the quickest and most economical course. Given 407’s location, the highway may be the most suitable for travel outside of Toronto.

For more information about the 407, browse through the highway’s official website at Additionally, talk to your preferred airport limo company. They can inform you which highways are the most ideal options for you to arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time.

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