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Los Angeles Data Recovery Service and Virus Attacks

by rubybadcoe

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Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, Saudi Aramco, was the latest victim in a string of destructive virus attacks across the Middle East. Identified as Shamoon, the virus rendered around 30,000 computers useless but not before displaying the image of a burning U.S. flag. Unless those PCs have a single storage server, the firm may have just lost tons worth of data.

The world had its fair share of very destructive computer viruses over the past few years. Many companies have taken the liberty of enlisting the aid of a backup and data recovery service in Los Angeles to save what they can. Some viruses like the Olympic Torch turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of hooey. But other computer viruses of the past were as real as Shamoon.

Among the most destructive is the Love Letter that wreaked havoc in 2000, causing around $15 billion worth of computer damage. It came in the form of a Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) file and was sent to all contacts in Microsoft Outlook. The virus originated in the Philippines and spread across the globe in a matter of days, affecting Hong Kong first.

The so-called Love Letter works by replacing tons of files in the computer with dozens of copies of the letter attached to the e-mail. In addition, the virus transmitted usernames and passwords back to the source—essential for cyber criminals to do their thing. The creator of the virus was not charged with the crime because the country lacked cybercrime laws at the time.

With newer and more advanced operating systems, many viruses of the past could be thwarted. But Los Angeles data recovery service comes as a necessity for businesses that need professional help to retrieve, restore, or save important files even before a dangerous virus strikes. In the worst-case scenario of a business without back up file copy or a data recovery plan in place, files get picked off by the virus one by one; there’s no telling when these viruses will show up, or stop.

Don’t be the first victim of any new wave of virus attacks to your company. Be informed about their nature and impact by reading the articles at and Call a data recovery service as soon as possible to recover files safely.

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