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Loft Conversions in Essex – Do I Really Need a Loft?

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Decades ago, the loft was nothing but a storage place for things homeowners rarely used. During the summertime, all the winter tools or clothes used to be sent to the loft. The gardening tools or perhaps some old books or electronics also had the same destination. Things have changed a lot lately. The real potential of this extra place has begun gaining popularity a few decades ago.

Today, it is fully appreciated, even if it has nothing to do with the storage opportunities. Most things that used to be deposited in the lofts are now gone or sent to the basement, while the lofts have been turned into living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kids' rooms, office rooms, games rooms and so on. There are not too many impediments in turning the loft into any kind of room. The rules are pretty much the same, with the one and only difference that such a new room is unique due to the inclined walls.


Today, the loft conversions in Essex are extremely varied, but this is not everything. The most attractive part is the uniqueness of this area. First of all, the atmosphere in the loft cannot be met in any other room of your household. The intimacy and privacy you find in this room are less likely to be found in other rooms. Due to the specific windows and their unusual location, the room will never lack the natural sunlight during the day, while every night will ensure a calm and deep sleep under the moonlight.

Kids and teenagers

The rooms built in the loft are mostly appropriate to kids or teenagers. Teenagers will always love some extra freedom and the fact that their parents are not in the next room. Whether they want to be alone, have a pajama party or play some music loud, this location is by far the most appropriate one for their necessities. Their privacy is just as important. In fact, this is the age when they learn more about their personal needs. As for kids, this room is even better. Kids are often proven to be very loud. Whether they like to jump around the room, play with their toys on the floor or yell as loud as they can, these activities cannot be controlled too easily by parents. The kids will not just bother the household members, but also the guests in the living room or perhaps a few relatives sleeping over. In conclusion, the loft conversions in Essex are mostly concentrated around kids and teenagers.

In the end

Other than these general, yet unwritten rules, there are no differences between decorating and setting up a bedroom in the loft or on the first floor. After all, nothing is changed. You still need some furniture, parquet, a cover, some paint, various decorative items or facilities and features. The only difference is in the shape of the room, but adapting to it will not cause too many problems. The height or the inclined roof is the two most significant factors in the whole process.

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