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A green concept in financing

by anonymous

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It was just a matter of time until the general concern regarding energy consumption would reach a higher level and having financial aid to create a greener environment would be made possible.
Keeping the consumption down also means keeping the bills down and that is why the subject is important for everyone.

Many of us have heard things about the Green Deal but there is a type of miscommunication when it comes to this great concept and that is because it’s just starting out.

The main idea behind it is that you will be able to improve your home energy wise with the use of a low interest loan that will be paid for through your bills.

It is stated in the documents that are available for the public at the moment that the loan can go up to ₤10.000 and the interest rate can go up to 7% but it does not act as a loan in the sense that instead of paying for lower bills you will be paying the same, usual amount while the consumption is lower until the initial cost plus interestare covered.

The green deal main rule is that this investment will save more money on a predetermined period of time. After this has been calculated and established the wheels start turning.

This concept has only three important stages. The first thing to do is to have an assessor pay you a visit and draw up a plan of what needs to be changed or improved, the second is to get a provider which is basically your bank to make the arrangements for your green loan, and the next and final step is to get in touch with an accredited installer and have the work done.

This project can help both home owners and landlords to improve the propriety’s insulation, lighting systems, heating systems, and even to install solar PV’s.

Another difference between this concept and a simple loan is that it is in fact tied to the home itself rather than the person and this way, over time, it will increase your home value in case you want to sell at one point.

The goal of the Green Deal is to get your home to at least a C on the energy efficiency scale, making it more environmental friendly and saving you a lot of money.

The project is set to start in October 2012 with the first fazes meaning the assessments but until now there is no clear date on when the loans will be given so the work can start but the concept behind it is grandiose. Anyone will be able to make your home more efficient, comfortable and valuable without raising your costs.

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