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Learn the use and working pattern of 2 part carbonless forms

by printcosmo123

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What is a carbonless form?

Many people recognize NCR printing when it comes before them, but are unaware of it when spoken about. As seeing is believing, we all have used it at least once in our life but never bothered to know what it really is and what purpose it served. Now that we are grown ups and are in business it is important to know about it and use it in business. Its uses and purpose is unmatched. Even in today’s technology buffed environment one cannot defy the purpose and the use NCR offers.

It has many names carbonless copy paper, non carbon copy paper and the NCR paper. It is an alternative to the carbon paper whose sole purpose is to provide the exact duplicate on the paper beneath it. Similarly NCR is the same but it does not require a carbon paper to be put beneath it. It was invented by the chemists Barry Green and Lowell Schleicher who were working for the NCR Corporation and were on a hunt to develop something which would provide a copy without troubling with the carbon paper. Their successful researches lead to the invention of the .

How it works?

NCR or carbonless forms both are the same names of a product. It operates in a fairly simple way. You do not need any electronics nor does it require super intellectual capabilities to use it. It is a set of sheet of papers which are coated with an ink that is also known as micro-encapsulated dye and reactive clay. The back of every  sheet is coated with the ink and the surface of the sheet beneath is covered with the clay so that it reacts with the ink quickly and forms an imprint of every single thing which is written on the top sheet.

When you write on the top page and applies the force with the pen, the back side of the sheet breaks the micro capsules of ink which in turn is splattered on the sheet below it. As the pen moves about the sheet the capsules start popping and splattering the lower sheet with their ink, but since the capsules are microscopic their ink is splattered in a precise manner without damaging the lower sheet. The clay covered surface of the lower sheet keeps the ink in its place so that it does not spread on the entire sheet. The print obtained is very accurate and it creates an exact copy of all that which is written on the top sheet.

Usage with technology

The 2 part carbonless forms can also be used with dot matrix printers. Its mechanism makes it easy to use the forms because the striking effect of the printer works in the same fashion of the pen. Using the carbonless forms in the dot matrix printers saves the trouble to print each page several times as is required by the other nature of printers. One go can create several copies of the document in a dot matrix printer or by simply using the pen.

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