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The Windows Phone 8 Developer kit Due Later this Year

by darrelhadwin

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The 8 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Microsoft's Windows Phone is now anticipated just about the time Windows Phone 8 itself is set in motion. This is anticipated to be around the 29th of October. Earlier the operating system software giant had promised that it would deliver the SDK for its Windows Phone 8 during the summer but now it has changed its launch to later this year.

The Windows Phone Developer blog on the 5th of September had published a blog post wherein the
officials of Microsoft approved the new, later on timing. The new anticipated release time for the complete SDK is the same time when Microsoft sets in motion Windows Phone 8.

Next week that is on the 12th of September Microsoft is going to share the comprehensive directions on how present Windows Phone programmers with available apps can apply to get hold of the almost-final Windows Phone 8 SDK apparently in the subsequent couple of weeks. On the other hand the officials stated that the number of developers who will receive the SDK will be restricted. They also stated that the entire publicly-released Windows Phone 8 SDK is not due till the Windows Phone 8

Earlier during the summer an early edition of the SDK had been leaked. Microsoft has been providing its Windows Phone 8 SDK available privately to a small number of programmers outside the company very early during this year.

Programmers are making a hue and cry for the fresh SDK since Microsoft has made most important, profound alterations to the Windows Phone OS between the present 7.x edition and the imminent Windows Phone 8 OS make public. Microsoft is at the present utilizing the Windows 8 hub inside the Windows Phone 8 OS. The forthcoming Windows Phone 8 OS in addition includes a number of brand-new features, like multicore back up, NFC backing, encoding and further of which a lot of programmers want to benefit from.

In June, Microsoft officials revealed most of the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 operating-system functions which will be central to Microsoft's next-generation Smartphone Operating System. On September 5, during a Microsoft-Nokia Windows Phone 8 event in New York, Microsoft executives added a few formerly legally undisclosed features to that particular list, including new "contacts" that appear to be to some scale like Instagram filters, the opportunity to do screenshots on Windows Phones, touch zoom support inside camera and many more.

Microsoft functionaries said that they would not be revealing the entire set of Windows Phone 8 OS
characteristics till a later, indefinite date. Finally Microsoft has assured that Windows Phone 7.x apps will run on Windows Phone 8.


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