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Mobile Web Development

by adelinebosanquet

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This is a general case when we are viewing any website in Mobile we use to see the website is jumbled or messed up , and this is the reason we are not able to navigate that website properly. If we open site in mobile device the experience is not same as we have while navigating Desktop/Laptop.


As the Smart phone is touching its new heights so the user are accessing website on the mobile device more frequently. To develop a website that is compatible with all the mobile devices of different platform is not an easy task to adhere. It requires lots of effort to build a website that is fully compatible with all the mobile devices. The main difference between the mobile user browse the Internet in “on-the-go” situations while the desktop user are very much stationary and are in predictable environment.


First thing which is to be noted while developing the website which is compatible with Mobile device must follow accessibility design guidelines for building mobile websites which are set by the W3C.The other important thing which is to be noted is that since the mobile phones have different data plans and this is the reason the large amount of data cannot be accessed quickly so this thing need to be noticed while designing of website. There are lot of other issues which comes while making the mobile compatible website space , since the space of mobile are very small and we need to utilize all the space also.


Now the question arises is that its okay that we can develop new website which have mobile compatibility but what to do the website which are not compatible with mobile and the important thing is that we cannot left out that website just because of their mobile compatibility, we need to do some modification in the website so that it can work on all the mobile platform, but doing this will take some time and modifications design layout,design and construction.


Have a look to some of thing which should kept in account while developing mobile website, as while developing site use CSS as much as the programmer can (avoid using tables), try to use XHTML ,XML. While making design keep fluid layout in mind. Please note all the important information about site should be kept on top of page so that navigation can be done easily, other than this various other thing should be kept in mind like the keep downloading time in mind avoid background images , most of browser does not support plugin's or extensions so this need to keep in mind , other than this there are various aspect which we need to focus on , so that we can develop the mobile compatible website.


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