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Online QTP Training Promotes a Comprehensive Learning Proces

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In recent times, testing has become an integral component of any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It is essential to perform timely testing of the software during the development stage, so that errors can be detected before it is too late. This will, in all likelihood, bring down the expenditure to build and maintain the software. There are both manual and automation testing techniques in use. As manual testing is increasingly monotonous, time-consuming, expensive and error-prone, automation testing is growing in popularity today. That’s why students seek to develop skills in various automation testing tools like Quick Test Professional (QTP), which was originally devised by Mercury Interactive. However, HP acquired Mercury in 2006 and thus QTP 11 is presently offered by HP Software Division.


Online QTP training is nowadays the best option for aspirants who want to master this tool. The advancement in web technologies makes sure that you won’t miss traditional, classroom-based training and in fact, can derive more benefits than the latter option. There are certain institutions that have revolutionized Quick Test Pro training over the Internet. Pursuing a course in the cyberspace is easy, convenient, affordable, and job-oriented. You can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world without worrying about the schedule.

Major benefits of web-based training include:

  • Round-the-clock access to classes
    • Audio/video based interactive classes
    • Countless repetition of the classes
    • Daily instructor support
    • Plenty of assignments and quizzes
    • And, even placement assistance

Quick Test Professional is designed to perform functional and non-functional testing of web and desktop applications. It operates by recognizing the objects in a native GUI or a web page and carrying out required functions like keyword events or mouse clicks. Its keyword driven testing lets individuals with zero level of scripting skills to produce robust test cases. VBScript scripting language is also used as a more advance method.

Coming back to online QTP training, students can come across a comprehensive course content that is divided into several modules. A popular QTP course with 2-month access comprises 19 classes that cover things like Introduction, recording and running a script, introduction to object repository, synchronization, parameterization, database checkpoint, recovery scenarios, descriptive programming (DP), various versions of QTP, automation framework, introduction to VBScript, VBScript operator, statement, functions, etc.

After the completion of classes, students can test their skills by attempting lots of assignments and quizzes offered with the Quick Test Pro training. There are over 100 quizzes available on some renowned websites. These questions come in handy for interview preparation since many companies do the initial screening of candidates through such multiple-choice questions only. Before signing off, a few QTP quizzes found on a leading website are given below. The answers are in bold.

  1. The following file name is recognized as action template

a)     Action-template.mst

b)     Action_template.mst

c)     ActionTemplates.mst

d)    ActionTemplate.mst

  1. To use a specific property to identify your object, but that property is not listed in the properties list. Then how do you identify that object?

a)    Add the specific property to the list

b)     Use the Default property

c)     Use some other property to identify your object

  1. You will use the recording mode for an object not recognized by QuickTest.

a)    Low-Level Recording Mode

b)     Normal recording Mode

Analog Mode


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